Bad Luck: Ukrainian Ambassador’s Hit Piece Contradicted by OSCE

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Vladimir Kornilov


You remember the amusing aunty who in Pronya Prokopovna’s dress (bad fashion taste – ed) arrived on a visit to the British queen presented as the Ukrainian ambassador? At that time, everyone laughed at the dress of this matron from the Zhitny market (from a rural market – ed) and forgot about her. But today she decided to remind of her existence.

This lady published in the Financial Times newspaper a menacing letter in which she condemns “occupational Russian troops”, which are allegedly using in Donbass “Grad rocket systems forbidden by the Minsk Agreement” and 122-mm artillery.

But here there was bad luck. On the same day a report of the OSCE was released, in which it is said in black and white that in the territory under UAF control Grad rocket systems were found, as well as 122-mm howitzers of “Lyagushka” and “Gvozdika”. Now it would be good if the Russian ambassador quotes it in the same newspaper in order to compare it with words of the Ukrainian Pronya Prokopovna.

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