Bad News for NATO: Russia’s Air Defences Are Already in Africa

Large-scale Russian air defence exercises are taking place [October 26th to November 7th – ed] in Egypt. NATO strategists do not hide their irritation. The Russian impenetrable umbrella covered another country on the world map. If this goes on, the era of spreading democracy through bombers will be a thing of the past forever.

It is worth noting that the Russian-Egyptian exercises were the result of bilateral agreements at the Russia-Africa summit. According to experts, “Arrow of Friendship 2019” will help the products of the Russian military-industrial complex win the African market.

The manoeuvres will last 13 days. In order to participate in the exercise, anti-aircraft were transferred to Egypt from military units of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation, in particular from the Volgograd region, Krasnodar Territory, North Ossetia, and Crimea.

During the exercises, the soldiers use Russian-made military equipment – “Tor-M2E” and “Buk-M2E”, “Igla”, and “Shilka” anti-aircraft self-propelled units in service with the Egyptian Armed Forces.

In Africa, it is well known that Russian air defence systems have proved to be excellent in Syria, so the Egyptian exercises have received increased attention. Russian brigades are training to shoot down planes and missiles in a hot, dry climate.

Many leaders in Africa and the Middle East have already expressed a desire to buy the world’s strongest missile defence system “S-400” from Russia. About 13 countries are interested in the “S-400” missile defence system, including Egypt, along with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iraq. Syria, Iraq, Sudan also want to buy it.

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The “Arrow of Friendship 2019” is a new step towards strengthening Russia’s position in the Middle East and Africa. The exercise will increase the demand for Russian military-industrial complex products and increase the prestige of the Russian military in the international arena.

Ilya Novitsky

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