After Bandera Project Closure, Donbass War Organisers Will Be Caught & Punished

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



There is a widespread belief that a state that is trapped in fascist paws, has no future already because racial, ethnic, religious, class, and other types of hatred (including, in relation to its own citizens) prevail in it over a self-preservation instinct.

Meanwhile, to any rule there are exceptions. In particular, history knows many examples of how pirate nations or states that made their assets on trading slaves or drug, arrived to take existence. The same USA that was built on the bones of millions of Indians, isn’t an example of virtue.

The fascist ideology didn’t impeach Hitler’s Germany from growing into a superstate, which, perhaps, would prosper today if its leaders had a sense of proportion. And today in the center of Europe exists such a chimerical state entity as Kosovo — a parasitic quasi-state that stole territory from another country, but does not feel any discomfort about it.

In a word, even if the “Islamic State” forbidden in Russia, in principle, has the chance to become a specific medieval state, then why shouldn’t Ukraine become as, for example, chimerical state entity after the Kiev regime will become staid from war and will pass from war with its citizens to a real state construction.

However, Ukraine will NOT become, at least with its present borders (without Crimea). And the reason for this will become not only the fascist essence of the Bandera’s regime, but those schizophrenia of self-consciousness of the Ukrainian quasi-elites, which will not allow them to gather in non-controversial unity.

Once again I will emphasize: any proto-state can become if it openly declares their true purposes, however vile and inhuman they are. In other words, having reached a certain integrity (a unification with criminal intention), a ruling regime can gather power and resources into a single fist, to destroy opposition and to move further — to conquer vital space with quite clear methods because every participant (accomplice) of the fulfilled robberies will be promised his share.

Alas, the Kiev government doesn’t declare its true purposes. It masks them and gets more and more confused by its tasks that are mutually-cancelling.

The present leaders of Ukraine are reverent towards orthodox icons, showing piety, but at the same time seek to destroy the canonical orthodox church. They speak on every corner about Russian “aggression”, but don’t reject Russian gas, speak Russian, and are terribly afraid to openly declare war on Russia. They take care of democracy, but forbade alternative mass media, stuff opposition in prisons, and fire what they can at their own Ukrainian cities.

The other day the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, while criticizing Petro Poroshenko for his factory in Russia, broadcasted to the Ukrainian mass media the following tirade: “It is difficult for me to imagine that Churchill could have a factory in Germany, for example, in 1942 or 1943”.

Let’s move away from the context in which this phrase was said, and also from the personality of Yushchenko himself, who became the beneficiary (in 2004) of the first Maidan, but then shamefully flushed both the power and the Ukrainian economy to local and foreign oligarchs. We will pay attention to comparisons — Ukraine with Britain, and Russia with fascist Germany — and we will ask Yushchenko: where is Stepan Bandera Avenue — is it in Moscow or Kiev? Where are sieg heils, honouring of veterans of sonderkommandos of SS, Nazism and prosecutions of communists — is it in Russia or still in this Ukraine?

Outstanding ability to overturn real upside down, tightening a noose around itself more and more — characteristic feature of all Ukrainian Nazis wherever they find application for this quality.

I suppose that the Kiev regime had a chance to reformat Ukraine under a certain big East European Kosovo, without destroying its statehood. Alas, seemingly, that “cynical Bandera” Poroshenko, who too likes to compare himself not to Mussolini, Franco or with Salazar (that would be quite appropriate), but namely with Winston Churchill, put the next (perhaps, solving) blow to the Ukrainian statehood and as a result will flush the second Maidan the same way as the first Maidan was flushed by hapless Yushchenko.

The latest events in the world (failures of mutinies in Turkey and Armenia, formation of the Russian-Iranian military alliance in the Middle East and so forth) led to the beginning of a regrouping of geopolitical forces not in favor of the USA, and recent events in Crimea led to change of a situation around Ukraine — not to its advantage.

As a result the situation on border between Western and Russian civilizations, as of the middle of August, strikingly differs this year from that which was observed here still a year ago.

Firstly, the European Union as the main object of attraction of “brainwashed” is not having the best of times. Great Britain voted for an exit from the EU, and the European Union broke up into a strong group (led by Germany and France) and a weak group (under control of the USA), therefore EU officials are today simply busy with its own problems, and are out of touch with overwhelmed-by-problems-Ukraine  — they just want to survive themselves.

Secondly, the countries of Europe and the IMF don’t want to carry financial and other support of contentious Kiev anymore, and many European politicians don’t want extension of economic sanctions against Russia. Today these sanctions manage to hold only thanks to the arm-twisting policy of the State Department, in addition that Germany and some other European powers support (contrary to the interests of Ukraine) the Russian “Nord Stream-2” project and start to pivot towards the Russian Federation and also South Stream.

Thirdly, the European countries don’t wish to be at war in Syria on the side of the USA and don’t want to bend Donbass to please Kiev. But the most important — euro-politicians stopped being an authority for Russia, which left PACE, dares to answer back the OSCE, ignores blackmail from NATO, and doesn’t value the Minsk agreements and any sit-round gathering in all these Genevas any more, having let it be known (after diversion in Crimea) that Russia no longer intends to humour Brussels with concessions and compromises.

Even more deplorable for Kiev is a situation on the non-European platforms, in particular in the Middle East, where the main antagonism of Russia and its allies with international terrorism and its political cover is expanded.

The attempt of Kiev to concoct a Poroshenko-Erdogan coalition failed, as well as his hopes to play together with Turkey, Crimean Tatar, and radical Islamic cards against Russia. And today it is possible to say that after reconciliation of Turkey and Russia in the region, the anti-western consolidation of the states of Middle Eastern Eurasia began. And this becomes for the West a bigger headache than the events in Ukraine.

It turns out that today that only the State Department can deal today with Poroshenko but not like Churchill’s analog, but like the prototype of Samosa or Bokassa – the same as their “son of a bitch” who is needed by the USA exclusively for the fulfilment of the most dirty things.

The most dirty thing that Ukraine is prepared for is direct or indirect war with Russia. This war is already ongoing, and the aggressor in it is not Russia. The aggressor who unleashed ethnic, religious, information, economic and other wars against the Russian Federation was the Ukrainian criminal junta.

Whether this still one-sided war will develop into a full, bilateral war with the use of lethal weapons, depends not on Ukraine, but on the USA and the outcome of the presidential elections in this country.

Most of the Russian experts consider that in the fall of this year Trump will be elected as the US President, and in this case the process of reformatting world politics will become irreversible – with a reset of relations between State Department and the Russian Federation, cancellation of sanctions in relation to Russia, and other negative consequences for Kiev.

In a word, the situation is developing in a way that already in the near future personages like Yushchenko and Poroshenko will have nobody to tell their fairy tales about Churchill to. The Bandera project will be closed, after which Interpol will step on the stage – organizers of the massacre in Donbass must be caught and punished.

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