“Bandera’s School” for Ukrainian Youth

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Eduard Dolinsky

Education reform, the debate on languages, and the rights of ethnic minorities are not new phenomena for Ukraine. These issues were considered by OUN and Bandera to be extremely important, and paid a lot of attention to them.

“In our cities, in our eternal capital of Kiev seldom will you hear a native Ukrainian word. We we forced to poison the minds of children with kike internationalism, love for everything Moscow, and contempt for our country, language, literature, and art.

Ukrainian grammar was written to us by kikes. In theaters and cinema we were shown performances and movies made by kikes, in which they ridiculed and mocked the best sons of the Ukrainian land.

In the most evil torture that we were subjected to by horsemen of the Moscow-Bolshevist empire and the damned by the whole world Judaic tribe – kikes, we kept purity and transparency of our word, the melodiousness of our glorious Ukrainian song.

Ukrainian teachers! Let’s join the construction of an independent Ukrainian State! Schools for Ukrainians! Get rid of kike-communist education! Let’s welcome the German army, the most cultural army of the world, which expels the kike-communist swine from our lands.

Let’s help the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, under the leadership of Stepan Bandera, build the great Independent Ukrainian State. Ukraine for Ukrainians”!

The quote above was not only in leaflets, it was also printed in the newspaper of OUN “Terebovliansky Visti” in 1941. And today in the Terebovlia district of the Ternopil region a camp for youth aged 14-23 takes place under the name “Bandera’s School”.

As is noted by the organisers (including the regional administration), “this event is for young people who seek to create a better future for their State. It is a good opportunity to learn about Ukrainian nationalism and its ideas”.

I hope that the youth will be acquainted with the ideas that Bandera and his colleagues spread.

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