“Banderist Bastards!”: Ukrainian Volunteer Described the Attitude of Donbass to the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



War in Donbass brings millions in profits for the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, it’s not a secret, however nobody is doing anything about it. Presidential “heroes” and “defenders” of the State, who kill the land and people of Donbass, often complain about conditions of their maintenance, however business is business, there is a need to economise.

That’s why volunteers appeared in Ukraine who try to facilitate the life of “heroes” of the so-called ATO. However, the reaction of people to such help of the Ukrainian Armed Forces isn’t always accepted by patriotic volunteers.

Thus, the notorious Ivano-Frankovsk volunteer Viktoria Kharandyuk, who collects help for the ATO and its participants, doesn’t hide her indignation towards the attitude of the population of the part of Donbass under the control of the UAF in regards to Ukrainian “liberators”.

“I asked fighters to come into the village, to communicate with locals. The guys didn’t like my idea too much, and also at the beginning they dissuaded me from this idea, but nevertheless I persuaded them, and we went to the village. You know, it is completely different there, everything is so gray — I had the impression that time stopped during Soviet power, it’s even terrifying,” said Kharandyuk in Ivano-Frankovsk “Pravda”.

Viktoria Kharandyuk with her “sworn brothers”

She admits that at first she didn’t understand why people looked at her with a sideways glance, “as if they wished us malice”, and why these people were afraid of them. She also said that when UAF members asked one grandmother for permission to dig up parsley in her kitchen garden, she sharply responded:

“I have no parsley for you! You are bastards, damned Banderists. Because of you we can’t live quietly and sleep. What did we do to you? Why do you kill us? Why did you come and you take away from us our land?”

According to Kharandyuk, she was in terrible anger when she heard such a rough refusal, however the Armed Forces took her away so that she doesn’t begin a verbal exchange with the elderly woman.

“She said that my attempt will be in vain. That it is impossible to prove anything to them, they know only their way. I was very indignant that they in such a way about our soldiers who, on the contrary, defend them, while they affirm the contrary, and sacredly believe it,” said Kharandyuk.

Probably, pro-Ukrainian propaganda doesn’t work all over Ukraine, and only in its center, where the explosions of shells are inaudible. However, those who see from what side the shells in the zone of the so-called ATO fly already determined the truth.

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