“This Is a Banderist City!”: Ukrainian Radicals in Lvov “Set an Example” in the Fight Against “Polish Gentry”

By Ollie Richardson

Whilst the “world’s eyes” are on the situation in East Ghouta in Syria – where Al Qaeda use civilians as human shields and enjoy the support of the western media and governments – in Ukraine on the evening of March 4, on the central streets of Lvov a torchlight procession featuring neo-nazis from Banderist organisations took place, dedicated to the day of the death of the commander-in-chief of UPA Roman Shukhevych on March 5th, 1950, during a battle with the NKVD. According to the organisers, more than a 1,000 people took part in the procession. The march through the streets of the city was accompanied by provocative anti-Polish slogans.

Neanderthal Banderist with the microphone: “Did you see what is going on with the pursuing of patriots? But it seemed that the outpost of nationalism, the most Ukrainian speaking city, our native city Lvov – we have to set an example. However, too many stray [useless] people have entrenched themselves within these walls. Whoever forgot our history forgot that it is Banderstadt [another name for Lvov used by neo-Nazis; a portmanteau of “Bandera” and the German word “Stadt” (city)]. When our faction proposed to officially hang up the black-red flag, some of them were against it or abstained…”

The procession of Ukrainian radicals started at about 18:20 from Rinok Square. Walking along the central streets of the city, the “enlightened” marchers shouted slogans such as “The city of Lvov is not Polish gentry”, “Remember, foreigners, here the Ukrainian is the master”, “Who are we? Ukrainians! What do we want? Power!”, “Our earth – our heroes”, “The idea of the nation is against degradation,”, and others.

Several marchers also held a banner with the slogan “The city of Lvov is not Polish gentry”. As the head of the Lvov “National Corpus” Svyatoslav Siriy explained to local media, this slogan was deliberately chosen to show that “Lvov is Banderist”.

“This slogan is connected to the recent controversial law in Poland and the behavior of the city government during the city council session, when a vote took place concerning red-black flags. Here it’s two in one. The law adopted in Poland is invalid for us. We, in any case, are not against Polish people, but we are against the populist government of Poland, which adopted the controversial law. So we came out today to show that Lvov is a Banderist city, and nobody’s going to tell us who to honor,” said Svyatoslav Siriy.

According to him, the majority of participants of the torchlight march March are activists of “National Corpus” and National Druzhina, and, in addition to them, the procession was attended by members of “Svoboda” and “Right sector”.

In other words, Galicia continues to strangle “Ukraine”, if such a thing even exists, and to pour salt on Polish wounds that were inflicted at Volyn. What’s interesting is that the “president” of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko now claims that he intends to change the national legislation to facilitate the police’s fight against illegal armed groups. This, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that Washington, via Avakov – Poroshenko’s nemesis, controls the masked Banderists from the Azov spin-off project known as “National druzhina”… According to the King of the Roshen empire, “the illegal formations that possess unregistered weapons destabilise public life. When you saw ‘National druzhina’ on the Khreshchatyk, did you feel any safer? The monopoly on weapons belongs to the State”. And he’s not wrong either – only the junta in Kiev can snipe brainwashed students on Maidan and get away with it.

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