“Banderist Demons, Oust From Odessa!” – Odessans to Right Sector

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the afternoon on February 23rd, near the monument to the Unknown sailor on the Walk of Glory in Shevchenko Park, flower-laying in honor of the Defender of the Motherland Day took place.

Inhabitants of Odessa, generally elderly people, in Shevchenko Park chanted the slogans “Odessa is a Hero City”, “Banderist Demons oust from Odessa”, and similar such slogans.

Also, on the Walk of Glory there were fighters of territorial battalions which time to time entered into verbal sparring with pensioners and cried out their nationalist slogans like “Glory to Ukraine”, “F*****g Putin”, and others.

Crowd to Right Sector thug: “It’s you who is the occupier”, “Fascist!”

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