Banderist Hooligans For The Second Consecutive Day Attacked the Russian Cultural Center in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On February 18th the rally “Death to Russia”, organised by the leader of “OUN”  Nikolay Kokhanovsky, took place on Maidan. On the anniversary of the deaths on Maidan the nationalists attacked Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, and Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Cultural Center).

On the way to Alfa-Bank the nationalists passed a police station, but Kokhanovsky ordered his 100 or so militants to not touch the police (who refuse to protect the Russian Cultural Center), only the “FSB structure”. They threw a brick at the Bank and then headed to the Russian Cultural Center (Rossotrudnichestvo), which was attacked the day prior by “C14”. On the way they chanted “Crimea is ours, Donbass is ours, Kuban is ours” and reminded each other to collect bricks and stones to “punish the Moscow occupant”.

On the way to Rossotrudnichestvo they passed a Sberbank branch. After chanting “Death to Moskals!” and “Moskals on knives” outside the Bank, they smashed the ATM up, threw stones at the windows, and then continued to the Russian Cultural Center.

When they finally arrived at the Center Kokhanovsky again ordered his radicals to “not touch the police”. The latter stood by as the militants  threw 20-30 stones at the building’s windows, which were all smashed as a result. A passerby shouted “Shameful, you are not activists!”. The radicals rudely responded by saying “Moskals on knives!”.

After this the Maidanists went back to Alfa-Bank, which is just around the corner. The police defended the windows of the Bank, only allowing a few stones to ricochet off the seemingly shockproof glass.

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What’s interesting is that the police also defended the windows of Rossotrudnichestvo, but only after the radicals had left the scene and gone to Maidan.

On the way the nationalists stated that they don’t need Poroshenko’s impeachment, but a “Ukrainian revolution”. Upon reaching Maidan they did the ritual burning of the Russian flag.


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