Banderist Militants Teach Ukrainian Children That the Residents of Donbass and Russians Are Not People

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


During training in a children’s camp in the Ternopol region Ukrainian children are taught to shoot at “bad people”
. Children trainer Yury Cherkashin – the activist of Sokol – the youth branch of the radical “Svoboda” party, and also the ATO militant known under the call sign “Chornota” told Euronews them who can be aimed at, and who can’t.

“We don’t aim at living people at all. DPR sheep, separatists, residents of Novorossiya, little green men, and Moscow occupants are not considered as people, therefore it is possible and it is necessary to aim at them,” children are taught.

Cherkashin was wounded in 2015 during his service in the volunteer battalion “Carpathian Sich”.

As European media notes, children’s camps in Ukraine receive financing from the Ministry of Youth and Sport within the framework of supporting the “national-patriotic education of youth”. Besides “Svoboda”, such financing is also received by the C14 group, whose members are suspected of murdering the publicist Oles Buzina. Also, “C14” was noticed at pogroms of Romani camps and during attacks on those who don’t agree with the nationalist ideology.

In Ukraine there are also children’s camps connected to the Azov regiment, whose militants have repeatedly been convicted of neo-Nazi sympathies and also of using Nazi symbols. At these camps children are also given ideological and military training.

Vasfi Sel: Ukrainian Child Nazis and the Media

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