Banderist Robots: New Levels of Desperation to Sell Ukrainian Patriotism

By Ollie Richardson

This is neither an endorsement or a prank. According to Ukrainian TV channel TSN:

“Robots of Chinese production were Ukrainized in the International exhibition center. The robots were wearing embroidery and sharovary, and were taught to sing the Ukrainian anthem. The lead singer, whom they called Taras, is singing, waving a blue-yellow flag, and the other cyborgs during a gala performance held their hands at their mechanical hearts.”

The presenter then adds, “while the big robots Lex and Kiki exchange patriotic slogans…”, and right on cue the robots chant: “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Glory to heroes!”

As if the thought of Banderists parading around European cities, should the visa-free regime ever be finalised, chanting nationalist slogans and beating to a pulp anyone who refuses to say “Glory to Ukraine!” isn’t frightening enough, now fascist artificial intelligence could be patrolling the streets. This could spell bad news for neo-Nazi thugs of Azov and Right Sector, as Poroshenko can use these robots as a replacement that will not ask for any demands or threaten a coup.

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