Banderists Attacked the Head of the Russian Cultural Center in the Volyn Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Uspishna Varta/

An assault was committed by a group of persons against the head of the “Russian cultural center of the Volyn region” public organisation Olga Sagan.

According to the victim, the incident occurred on October 29th in Lutsk. Among the participants of the attack there was the battalion commander of the “West Volyn” battalion Andrey Fafley (notorious “activist” and participant of a number of provocative nationalist rallies). The dissemination of information that she allegedly plans to participate in the event “VI World congress of Russian compatriots living abroad”, which will take place on November 1st in Moscow, became the reason for the attack on the woman. Information about this Was published on the event’s website.

The lawyers of “Uspishna Varta” analysed the video files that were spread on Facebook by eyewitnesses and perhaps the participants of the attack on Olga Sagan, and regard the actions of the group of persons as hooligan in nature, falling under part 2 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

This is not the first instance of pressure being put on Olga Sagan because of her public position. Earlier the SBU started an investigation against Olga Sagan upon the suspicion of her cooperating with the special services of the Russian Federation.

For about 20 years Olga Sagan was engaged in solving issues that prevent interaction between two close people — Ukrainians and Russians, and constantly faces the inadequate reaction of the far-right Ukrainian public towards her activities. The latest wave of attacks was provoked by a certain anonymous blogger known under the pseudonym Fashik Donetsky. On October 25th he appealed to the SBU on his blog to pay attention to Olga Sagan, who will take part in a congress in Moscow.

“When we started to support putting an end to war and to proclaim slogans for peace, they started to accuse us of conducting anti-Ukrainian activity. And in September of last year I for the first time was detained employees of the Ukrainian special services. It was in Lvov. There were several interrogations, criminal case were launched, which has ended in nothing today,” said Sagan in an interview in May, 2018 to the “” publication, commenting on the current situation.

Later the persecution continued. As Olga Sagan said, in April, 2018 she visited a forum in Bryansk together with her young compatriots.

“We came to say that Western Ukraine is different and not everything can be interpreted in light of these events that take place now,” she said.

After that the Ukrainian authorities began to again pursue Olga and her colleagues for anti-fascist statements. Simply because the citizens decided to express a point of view that is different to the one that the government in Kiev broadcasts.

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