Banderists Flocked to Kiev to Participate in the “March for Bandera”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


This year the ultra-right wasn’t able to agree among themselves and thus in the capital of Ukraine two similar rallies took place at the same time…

Marching through the streets of Kiev with torches and portraits of Bandera on the first day of year is an obligatory tradition for a real “patriot” of Ukraine. This time, however, they gathered very little. According to the estimates of journalists, both processions barely brought together several thousands of people.

It is possible that the not so impressive number of participants was affected by the aggravated squabbles and in-fighting among the “Fuhrers” of various right-wing organisations.

The single candidate from the nationalists, who “Svoboda” and the groups that joined it saw only as the fellow party member Ruslan Koshulinsky, became a stumbling block. It is National Corpus, whose “White Leader” Andrey Biletsky is not going to hide his presidential ambitions, who acted in opposition to “Svoboda”.

As a result, both organisations decided to go to Maidan Square separately. “National Corpus” and National Druzhina started from the Opera Theater, while “Svoboda” and other movements started from Shevchenko Park.

The two processions didn’t resemble each other. If “Svoboda” members decided not to change their traditions and bristled up the lit torches, then Biletsky’s supporters wore Father Frost hats and put in front of themselves several entertainers in snowman suits.

Bengal lights, instead of the torches that were borne by members of “National Corpus”, became a kind of mockery of themselves and their opponents at the parallel rally.

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During movement the participants of the procession used their signature chants: “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Bandera-Shukhevych – our heroes, they fought for you and I”, and others.

In the end, both columns reached Maidan Square, where a meeting took place.

“2019 is decisive for the future of Ukraine, if we are not active and bear our ideas to people, then there will be a critical situation. Only we — association of Ukrainians — will be able to oppose the revenge of anti-Ukrainian forces. Ukraine will not be saved by clowns and oligarchs, but only by nationalists”

said one of the leaders of “Svoboda”, the people’s deputy Andrey Ilyenko from the scene

The harmonious performance of the anthem of Ukraine became the final point of the neo-Nazi mob. The mass celebration of the anniversary of Bandera in Kiev came to an end on this.

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