Banderists From “UNA-UNSO” Tried to Block the Work of the “NASH” TV Channel Using Barbed Wire

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On December 3rd, several dozens of radicals from theUNA-UNSO organisation came outside the “NASH” TV channel [the new channel created by the former owner of NewsOne – ed] and tried to block its work. In particular, they tried to deploy barbed wire around the building. However, they did not manage to do it. The staff of the TV channel called the police, and thus about ten representatives of law enforcement bodies arrived at the scene.

“I cannot understand their demands, and I think that the guys also do not understand. They receive phone calls with instructions telling them what to demand and what to do. The protesters still do not understand why they are here,” said Tigran Martirosyan, the head of the TV channel.

He is also sure that specific pro-government and oppositional politicians, as well as financial-industrial groups, are responsible for this protest – they are interested in blocking the “NASH” channel and preventing its work

It should be noted that this is not the first protest held by radicals. On November 21st they already picketed the TV channel. The head of the “NASH” channel Tigran Martirosyan commented on the picket organised by activists of the radical organisation “UNA-UNSO” outside the company’s building. He considers that the event is directed against journalists.

“The picketers, and they include people in military uniform and athletically built guys, seriously prevent the operation of the channel. I consider that it is the prevention of journalism. Why they do it – I, frankly speaking, do not understand. I can only share the assumption that picketing takes place for the benefit of the authorities – in the ten days that the channel has been on the air it was visited by many different politicians and we showed that we are actually independent,” noted Martirosyan to the question asked by “Vesti”.

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