Banderists in Chernigov Tied a Local Resident to a Post, Made Him Wear the Inscription “I Am a Vatnik”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Chernigov Ukrainian Nazis tied a man to a post and taped a sign to him with the inscription “I am a Vatnik. The video of the incident was published on YouTube.

One of the participants of the humiliation who filmed the event at the scene, claims that the man allegedly destroyed a monument to the so-called Heavenly Hundred. Nazis call him a “bum” and claim that he allegedly spent several years in jail for pedophilia.

Throughout the entire video the camera holder joyfully hoots and shouts humiliating comments at the tied up man.

After a while a police squad arrived to the place of events. Law enforcement bodies untied the man and took him away. What happened to him afterwards isn’t known.

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