Banderists in Kharkov Tried to Intimidate “Separatists” by Singing Anti-Putin Songs

Football ultras in Kharkov held a march in honour of the fifth anniversary of the “world renowned”, or at least that’s what they strongly believe, obscene chant about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

This was stated on the “Darkhunter” page on Facebook in relation to the “event”.

“Putin is a motherf*cker. Lala – la – la – la – la – la – laaa!” for the first time sounded on the streets of Kharkov in 2014 during the joint march of ultras of FC “Metallist” and “Shakhtar”.

“Nice ultras of the Kharkov Metallist decided to offer a reminder of what Putin is, as was done 5 years ago. Back then their song became a world hit,” said the organisers.

Kharkov citizens on the Typical Kharkov social media page [which appears to have since been deleted, probably because the lady who filmed it called the participants of the procession “fascists” – ed] said that this procession of the simplest organisms is lawlessness defended by the police.

“They only have enough brains to learn three words in 5 years. Well, they aren’t morons? I have a parrot that knows more words”, “To the monkey house with these freaks”, “They need to work 12 hours a day, then all this la – la-la will pass,” said indignant citizens.

It should be noted that numerous admirers of “the lads” with the lexicon of “a parrot with three words” objected to “Vata”.

“Vata assholes were slightly burned)) The lads showed that Kharkov is Ukraine!!!! Glory to Ukraine!”

“Their Kharkov predecessors in Odessa in May 2014 taught separatists to love Ukraine when they attacked them! Glory to Kharkov fans! The great youth, it brings agony to separatists. And the SBU should be engaged in commentators. Jail them in the pre-trial detention center for about 5 years extrajudicially. However, fans will quickly find this commenter!”

“And the lads are good fellows, they offered a reminder about a five-year hit about a small Fuhrer. Kharkov is Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!”

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