Banderists in Odessa Dismantled the Bas-Relief of Marshal Zhukov

In the center of Odessa, Ukrainian nationalists dismantled a commemorative plaque featuring a bas-relief of the Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. This was announced on February 4th by “Odessa Life”.

The memorial plaque was installed on the wall of the building on 64 Novoselsky (former Ostrovidova) Street. Currently the hostel of the Odessa National University named after Mechnikov is thee. In the post-war years the headquarters of the Odessa Military District, which was headed in 1946-1948 by the Marshal of the USSR Georgy Zhukov, was in the building.

According to preliminary information, the removal of the memorial plaque was not authorised by either the owner of the building or by the local authorities. Several citizens and police officers tried to obstruct the actions of the radicals, but without success.

In June 2019, in Kharkov, the bust of Marshal Zhukov in Kharkov was brought down by extremists from “National Corpus” and “Right Sector“. On February 2nd the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports of Ukraine refused to include the bust of the Soviet Marshal in this city in the state register of immovable monuments of the country.

Georgy Zhukov is an outstanding Soviet military commander and Marshal of the USSR who made a huge contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Since 2015 Ukraine has been actively carrying out “decommunisation“, within the framework of which cities and streets named after Soviet statesmen are being renamed.


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