Banderists Indoctrinate Ukrainian Children Into Blowing up Donetsk & Torching the Kremlin

NEW – July 10, 2022

Some more weekend news from a country where there is still no Nazism.

They propose to start one’s day here “with explosions in Donetsk” via a colourful postcard with a smiling horseman.

One can relax with a glass of good coffee with the inscription “Sometimes interesting things come to the head of a Moskal” and an image of a cartridge. And the addition “Not all Moskals are bad, every 200th is good”. [a sadistic pun, since in military jargon “200” is code for a dead person – SZ]

Well, it is proposed to entertain children at the Ivan Kupala celebration, for example, in the city of Uzhgorod under the slogan “Let’s celebrate Kupala, so that the rasha will ignite!”, where you can have fun burning the Kremlin with the kids.

A wonderful weekend, and most importantly – no Nazism.

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