Banderists Made a Girl From Zaporozhye Fall to Her Knees for “Tearing Down a Ukrainian Flag”

Many were shocked by a recent incident in Zaporozhye. A 13-year-old girl, who filmed on her phone how her drunk friends tore down a Ukrainian flag, was forced to publicly ask for forgiveness and pour Zelyonka on her own face.

And so far, there is no information about any criminal prosecution of the “patriots” who mocked the child. Meanwhile, there are three nuances.

The first – the girl only filmed what happened on her phone, and in no way participated in it herself.

The second nuance – the girl is only 13-years-old.

Third – the Criminal Code stipulates punishment for the ill-treatment of children. And it is very strange that in a country that so ardently punishes mothers within the framework of the adopted norms of juvenile justice for smacking children in a sandbox, the police do not react to such public bullying.

By the way, a number of “respected” publications, such as, for example, “RBK-Ukraine”, published a video showing the dyed girl under the title “Punishment for vandals”.

… Two 19-year-old guys have already been detained for ripping down the flag.

The “patriots” who “executed” a minor – no. A country of double standards? And how much worse will it get?!

Comment of Pavel Volkov:

“In our Zaporozhye teenagers tore down a flag of Ukraine and broke it, and a 13-year-old girl filmed this. Whether or not it’s a violation of the law, the police should sort it out, and nobody else. However, several Nazi thugs caught the girl, forced her to apologise on camera, kneel, and douse herself with zelyonka.

One of the thugs, whose voice law enforcement urgently needs to identify, demands from the girl to pour zelyonka on her forehead and hair. The second one holds a Ukrainian flag and wants her to kiss it.

‘She will make it dirty,’ says the first. ‘Don’t let this animal kiss the flag’.

The nazi-supporting media have already written that in this way they lynched her.

Dear law enforcement, it is time to start to enforcing the law and punishing stray Nazis for their countless offences. And you don’t have to say with a frozen look that ‘she did the dousing herself’. You all know and you all understand what happened. But you do not do any work.”

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