Banderists Mocked Mourning Odessans by Calling to Comply with Quarantine Rules in German

On Saturday, May 2nd, Odessa commemorated the anniversary of the tragic events of 2014. As a result of clashes in the city center and a fire in the House of Trade Unions, 49 people were killed. These were mainly anti-maidan supporters.

In total, 42 people died in the House of Trade Unions, 40 of who were from Odessa. According to the official story, 11 of them died from body and respiratory tract burns, 9 from carbon monoxide poisoning, and 14 from poisoning by combustion products.

The investigation has not yet been finished, and no one has been held accountable.

On the eve the UN called on Ukraine to punish those responsible for the tragedy of May 2nd in Odessa . “For the past six years, the families of victims have been fighting for justice for the death of their loved ones. For all six years, justice has remained unattainable,” the UN said, and noted the lack of progress in the investigation into the deaths on Kulikovo Field.

Traditionally, on May 2nd, Odessa residents bring flowers to the House of Trade Unions in memory of the victims, and often events are accompanied by clashes with nationalists who call the victims “representatives of the Russian world” and the “Kremlin column”.

Near Kulikovo Field small groups of nationalists from “Carpathian Sich” appeared.

The police sealed off the approaches to the House of Trade Unions, where the tragedy occurred on May 2nd, 2014.

In order to lay flowers, people needed to go through a cordon and a metal detector. Two were setup on the way to the House of Trade Unions – so a long queue formed consisting of those who wanted to lay flowers. There were posters everywhere pinned up the police saying that people can’t display communist symbols.

The activist Yarosh‘s “Diya” party Albert Kurchinin brought his truck to the place where people were going to honour the memory of the dead, and turned on a speaker, which broadcasted quarantine rules in German. In general – mocking the victims of the tragedy.

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“Ukrainian fascists have long surpassed German ones, because the latter did not kill their own people. And they know it very well. This apotheosis of cynicism is directly proportional to their fear of God and human punishment for what they have done. This is all they have left – a scurrilous job of intimidation.”

This is what Marusya Zveroboy, who is suspected of sending death threats to Zelensky, thought about the memory of the victims on May 2nd:

Nationalists from “Sokol” also came to Kulikovo Field.

Sometimes verbal exchanges arose between those who come to lay flowers and nationalists.

Nationalist Demyan Ganul “patrolled” with the police. His function was to check whether there is a St. George’s ribbon on the bouquets. It should be noted that this is the same Ganul who last year showed how he ate shashliks at Kulikovo Field, where 42 people were burned alive.

He also posted a photo on Facebook of himself with a barbecue on May 2nd 2020, with a caption saying that this day has a special meaning. In the picture, Ganul poses with a barbecue against the background of the sea in a Taras Shevchenko T-shirt.

“I remember! I’m proud! Friends, I congratulate you on the 6th anniversary of the salvation of the south of Ukraine from Russian occupation. Yes, on May 2nd, 2014, we defended not only Odessa, it was a fight for the entire southern part of the Motherland,” wrote the neo-Nazi, adding that he does not feel pity for the dead, and skewers have a special meaning on this day.

The parents of those who were killed in the House of Trade Unions:

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