Banderists Are The New Heroes of the Yeltsin Center

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




On 16th January, at 19:00, the Yeltsin Center invited locals to a film on the history of the “Perm-36” museum.

Producer’s description of the film in English can be read here.

“Perm−36” is the unofficial name of the Soviet correctional labor colony of strict regime for those convicted of “especially dangerous state crimes”, in the village of Kuchino in the Chusovskoy district of the Perm region, which was turned into a Museum — Memorial Museum of the history of political repression “Perm-36”.
The military servicemen of the Waffen SS, “Forest brothers”, and members of the battalions of the OUN-UPA, I.e Banderists, mainly sat in the colony. Here are the statements of the organizers of the Museum about the people imprisoned there:

“Concerning our neighbors, OUN, until 1945, was fighting against fascists, and then against the Red Army. They also have their concept of the truth.” – Viktor Shmyrov, director of the museum “Perm-36”. Katarzynowka, county of Lutsk, voivodship Lutsk. 7/8 May 1943. Crimes committed by OUN-UPA.


“Guys that were labeled “Banderists” – they are the most noble, nice people! Wonderful! I am familiar with them, I am proud to know them.” – Aleksey Simonov, Chairman of the Board of “Perm-36”. (Photo on the right – Podjarkow, Bobrka, Lvov voivodeship. 16 August 1943. Results of torture inflicted by OUN-UPA of Kleshchinskaya, from Polish family of four in Podjarkow.)

“The biggest contingent were “Forest brothers” and western Ukraine resistance – so-called “Banderists”… They were remarkable people… They were fighting for their Motherland.” – Sergey Kovalev, boardmember of the museum “Perm-36”. (Photo on the right – Podjarkow, Bobrka, Lvov voivodeship. 16 August 1943. Results of the tortured-to- death by OUN-UPA of Kleshchinskaya.)

Viktor Pestov, one of the three “heroes” of the announced film, was serving a sentence in this camp. On 21st September, 2014, he participated in the peace march in Yekaterinburg. Apparently, in memory of past times, he wore Bandera’s cap.
And before this, in March 2014, he participated in the opposition meeting of the office of the NGO “memorial” (pictured center) with the US Consul Maerssen (yellow tie).
In connection with the above information I have a question for readers: are you not ashamed?
Not ashamed to silently ignore this event? You will not be ashamed to look into the eyes of your parents, grandparents, all those who survived the horrors of war, occupation, capture, loss of loved ones? Will you be able, looking into the eyes of all these people, to say: “In the Yeltsin center a movie about Banderists, which whitewashes them, was shown, and I said nothing”, after all you will be ashamed?
You have half an hour? Come for half an hour. 5 minutes? Use it to express your position against the rehabilitation and romanticizing of fascism. You want your children to never know the horrors of war? Come. All. It’s enough to be indignant in the kitchen and during the news. It’s time to say a word in defense of your Motherland.

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