Banderists’ Pain: Collapse of Russia Is Still Postponed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The other day the president of the Russia Vladimir Putin gave a big interview to the economic Bloomberg agency.

It is rather extensive and, probably, not all read it, therefore I would like to make my own dissection of it. As I am first and foremost an economist, my dissection will concern economic questions.

So, do you hear me well, Banderists? Now I will pass on to you the words of your god – Putin. He-he.

But not only for you, it will be useful for the citizens of Russia worrying about the economy to hear it.

  1. The Russian Federation’s Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves (GFR) currently amount to about $400 billion (to be more exact, 394 billion). Over the last half a year they grew by 14%.

  2. Plus, there are two more reserve funds: Reserve Fund and National Welfare Fund, which contain over $100 billion.

  3. Russia to date has no need for external loans. And if suddenly it is needed, investors are forming a queue (based on recent test placement of eurobonds, demand for Russian bonds exceeded the offer several times).

  4. The budget deficit is around 3%, which is an absolutely acceptable size (in the majority of the European countries it is much more).

  5. All social obligations to the population are fulfilled in time and in full.

  6. At the beginning of the next year there will be an additional lump sum of 5,000 rubles for each pensioner.

  7. For the first half of the year the positive balance of trade was $45 billion. So there are no money problems in the country.

  8. Inflation over the last year has decreased from 10% to 3%.

  9. Unemployment is around 5.7% (on norms of “Economics” unemployment at 4% to 6% is considered acceptable, – it is considered healthy that the part of these people are simply engaged in self-development or look for more favorable work).

So calm down, dear jumping [pro-Ukrainians – ed] non-brothers, your dreams won’t be achieved and Russia won’t collapse. At least, in the near future. That I can’t say about Ukraine…

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