Banderists Published A Video Containing Threats to Bring War to the Territory of Poland and Hungary

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the Internet a video appeared in which the people who present themselves as Ukrainian nationalists burn the national flags of Poland and Hungary, and also reproach their neighbors for infringing on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“We are Ukrainian nationalists, we are patriots. We very well know that you, Hungarians, and you, Poles, encroach on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. We want to warn you in advance that we won’t tolerate this or wait for when you strike us from behind. We won’t tolerate anti-Ukrainian laws that humiliate our dignity, our heroes, and our native language,” said nationalists.

In addition, they warned that they are capable of carrying out sabotage and provocations in Poland and Hungary.

“There are enough of our people on your territory. If you don’t stop this anti-Ukrainian activity, we will create very big problems on your territories, and we will expel your compatriots from our native land”.


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