Banderists Tried and Failed to Disrupt Victory Day Celebrations in Nikolaev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


At a parade Afghan soldiers and patriots entered into a skirmish. This was reported by the correspondent of TIMER. Under a banner of troops of the 40th army residents of Nikolaev came out to lay flowers at the Olshansky monument and the Eternal flame. The clashes happened during the first minutes of the appearance of Afghan soldiers. Later, law enforcement officers surrounded the patriots in a ring, without giving them the chance to come nearer.

Also, representatives of Right Sector showed disrespect towards veterans of World War II. During the procession along the main street of Nikolaev patriots tried to provoke veterans. From the crowd slogans were sounded: “Glory to the heroes of the ATO”, “Ukraine above all”. However, the provocative actions didn’t instigate a reaction.

Near the “Sotka” shop, where participants of the “immortal regiment” action begun to gather for a procession in the morning, a fight begun. So, nationalists approached the participants of the action after feeling indignant with the fact that Stalin was represented in a photo, and the ensuing verbal fight developed into a physical fight. In addition, nationalists took away a communist flag from the participants of the action and burned it.

As the correspondent of TIMER notes, one participant of the action was taken away in regional department for existence of a St.George’s Ribbon on clothes.

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