Bartholomew’s Night: The Beginning

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Rada decided not to consider bills No.4128 and No.4511 on May 18th. I emphasize, parliament didn’t reject the specified bills, but simply postponed their consideration until a better moment arises. What will it lead to…

And, despite the prayerful standing of members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) near the Verkhovna Rada, which gathered on May 18th about 1,500 people from tens of millions of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians, the bills will be considered. And it will happen soon. And they will surely be adopted.

Because to forbid in Ukraine “VK” and “Odnoklassniki” are actions much more difficult, controversial, and dangerous for the authorities than to limit the rights of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The first concerns their own, as well as others. It deprives of habitual leisure the vast majority of politically active Ukrainians. Moreover, it deprives of earnings the supporters of the regime, who were busy as Internet propagandists and described how good it is in Ukraine, how restaurants work, people smile, flowers blossom, and the visa-free spreads, simultaneously with freedom of speech. The people who were engaged in Internet advertizing on social networks also lose earnings. The pages of enterprises and corporations that attracted serious clients vanish. In general, there are many unpleasant things, and nothing good.

In comparison with this, the anti-church bills, at the first stage, give to the regime notable benefits and almost irritate nobody. The bloody orgy arrives at the second stage. But this will be later.

What the bills provide

The special status of religious organizations, the governing bodies of which are located abroad. Metropolitan Onufry and Patriarch Kirill can say as much as possible that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is self-governed and its governing bodies are located in Kiev, and that Uniates, on the contrary, submit to the Pope. This is not to mention different Adventists, Pentecostals, and others. But it is the Ukrainian executive power who will decide who is a sheep and who is a goat. And it, absolutely definitely will use this law against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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The special order of the re-registration of communities is provided. So they will be re-registered. Without being a hurry. Some will be registered, and some won’t be. It is provided that any marginal who just arrived from far away can declare themselves as a member of any religious community. “Orthodox” “heroes of the anti-terrorist operation” will arrive somewhere and will vote for the transition of the community to the bosom of the unrecognized Kiev patriarchy. But nobody will touch the other communities, for the time being.

The possibility of the State to coordinate the appointment of heads of religious organizations at the national and regional level is provided. Over time they will coordinate with the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Drabinko, instead of Metropolitan Onufry.

And what do you think – will millions of orthodox grandmothers, grandfathers, girls, and young men, and also their parents in each separately taken parish immediately feel on themselves the consequences of the adoption of these bills? They won’t even know about it.

The autocephalous wing, which is quite in agreement with the Kiev authorities, and is ready to organize a “Ukrainian localised church” and even to unite with Denisenko, for a long time (two decades) has carried out subversive activities inside the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. I.e., not all hierarchs and priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will oppose the consequences of the adopting of these bills when they will become the law. The majority will simply remain silent, until it touches them personally.

While they will be proverbially-speaking strangled one by one, and without externally breaking anything. They will seize the most powerful parishes. They will remove the most consistent priests and hierarchs, and then the Sacred Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in a new structure, and will make the necessary decisions itself.

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I.e., at the first (organizational) stage, everything will exactly like it was with Maidan. There, Yanukovych “ran away by himself”, and here it will be “they decided it like this themselves”.

And only after this, when the deceived millions of orthodox believers and priests will see that it’s not a question any more about apparatus games in the church leadership, but about the saving of soul, or about the Kingdom of God, the increasing resistance will begin. And exactly in the same way that Donbass and Crimea, which fought for the preservation of Ukrainian statehood and for constitutional continuity, were declared separatist regions, the believers will be declared as separatist-terrorists, agents of the Kremlin, and mercenaries of the Russian Orthodox Church. And repressions against them will begin.

The repressions will be chaotic, and they will be implemented not by government bodies, but by activists who know better to which God and exactly in which way you have to pray. So the Ukrainian repressions will be spontaneous and will cause a spontaneous answer.

In general, the Ukrainian power will bide their time until the information wave subsides, and will adopt anti-orthodox laws. They were prepared and procrastinated over for too long to retreat now.

Then it will use these laws to change the leadership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and (voluntarily forcibly) drive it into a union with the “Kiev patriarchy”. Then it will declare the creation of a “united local orthodox Ukrainian church”.

And only after that will the relaxed Ukrainian leaders face growing, increasingly spontaneous, not-controlled-by-anyone resistance, which will quickly become massive. They will respond with repressions and will receive the first blood. Then the standoff will pass into a regime of religious war.

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And then the war in Donbass will seem like spilt milk, and tens of thousands of its victims will seem like an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Wars for belief finish with the full annihilation or expulsion of the enemy. That’s why the modern State separates itself from the church and provides equal rights to all faiths, because it is only in this way (on the basis of equality and non-interference) is it possible to provide peaceful co-existence of believers in different Gods.

But in Ukraine there is no State, and the remains of the State mechanism are being used for ensuring the interests of one, the most marginal, least educated layer, which doesn’t produce making, doesn’t believe in anything, but desires to maximally. Up to now this layer fought against history, against the memory of generations, with its ideological opponents. It was a terrestrial fight and it claimed tens of thousands of lives.

But Ukrainian marginals still haven’t even once tried to actively encroach on faith. Neither the Father, nor the Patriarch will be able to stop spontaneous people’s wrath (not Maidan’s, but simply righteous). This anger will sweep away any dam, any power, any authority. The difference is in the fact that terrestrial life is finite, and suffering will end, but the Kingdom of God is eternal and it is possible either to enter it, or to be left outside it.

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