Basurin to UAF Fighters: 150 New Graves Were Already Dug for You, the Digging Continues

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The rear service of the UAF actively digs new graves for soldiers of the Ukrainian army. This was stated in the message of the press service of People’s militia of the DPR.

“Persons serving in rear of the HQ of the ‘ATO’ actively prepare for you places of burial at the cemetery of Kramatorsk. Now, according to the information received from locals, more than 150 graves are prepared, and the digging continues,” it is said in the report.

The DPR urged Ukrainian soldiers to refuse to participate in the ATO.

“Believe me, you will be buried not as heroes there, but as a ‘plague’: at night and in the most strict secrecy. An example of this is the situation in the 72nd brigade, in which the buried are registered as missing persons or in general are excluded from the lists of units long before death,” it is said in the address.

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