Basurin: The UAF Is Preparing to Seize Gorlovka

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Eduard Basurin stated that the intelligence of the DPR revealed the facts of the UAF preparing to go on an offensive in the Gorlovka direction and to capture a number of settlements in this area, including the city of Gorlovka itself.

“According to the intelligence data of the DPR Armed Forces, now there is the full-scale transportation of ammunition, equipment, as well as fuel and lubricants to the 54th and 128th brigades. In addition, intelligence recorded the arrival of additional armoured units to the zone of responsibility of these brigades,” said Basurin.

According to him, these facts prove only one thing: the adversary prepares an offensive for the purpose of seizing the territories near the settlements Gorlovka and Zaitsevo. “Confirmation of this is the amplified propaganda by the Ukrainian media about the alleged full disorder and poverty in the settlement of Gorlovka. What is it if not preparation for the occupation of these cities and to present themselves as the liberator and the defender of everyone humiliated and offended,” reported Basurin.

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