Basurin: Ukraine Punished the Grey Zone Villagers Who Appealed to the OSCE for Help

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the settlements of Gladosovo and Metalist – captured by the UAF – the Ukrainian military personnel humiliate the civilians, forbidding them from moving and calling by telephone freely.

Such information was reported at a briefing by the official representative of the Defense Ministry of the DPR Colonel Eduard Basurin.

“Ukrainian punishers try to achieve a total blockade of the settlements from the outside world, forbidding civilians from not only moving freely, but also from calling their family. There is information that the mobile phones of the inhabitants were confiscated and are handed over only for one-two calls per day in the presence of Ukrainian militants. ‘Supervisors’ were appointed in the villages, who immediately report the anti-Ukrainian activity of locals to the Ukrainian leaders,” noted Basurin.

He also reported that the absence of a proper response from international organisations – in particular representatives of the UN, OSCE, and ICRC – led to the fact that during filtrational actions the settlements of Gladosovo and the Metalist (Travnevoye) were completely ridded of the civilians who appealed to the deputy head of the OSCE mission in Ukraine Alexander Hug.

“Yesterday the Ukrainian side with enthusiasm in their voice said that now not a single resident of the occupied settlements will be able to complain to Alexander Hug because of the repressive actions and torture applied to these people. Thus, the inactivity of individuals leads to the fact that the people who banked on their help ultimately suffer,” summarised the representative of the Defense Ministry of the DPR.

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