Basurin: Ukrainian Nationalists Sacrificed a Local Resident to a Pagan God Near Avdeekva

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The deputy head of the operative command of the DPR Eduard Basurin said that the military personnel of the UAF professing Slavic paganism sacrificed to Perun a local resident who earlier was considered as missing.

A group of UAF servicemen sacrificed to the pagan god Perun a 38-year-old local resident. The incident occurred on July 12th near Avdeevka, reported the representative of the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed DPR Eduard Basurin with reference to intelligence data.

“A group of servicemen of the 57th separate motor-infantry brigade of the UAF, which was earlier a part of the Right Sector nationalist movement, and professing Slavic paganism, celebrated the ancient Slavic holiday ‘Choice of Offering to Perun’ in one of the forest zones of the settlement Pervomaiskoye (near Avdeevka), built a sanctuary to the pagan god Perun, and sacrificed to it Prokhorchuk Evgeny Viktorovich, born in 1979, who was earlier considered as missing,” reported Basurin.

Perun is one of the main gods in the pagan pantheon of Gods, he is considered the patron of wars, soldiers, victories, and military successes.

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