Basurin: US Curators Demanded to Move “Right Sector” Away from the Donbass Frontline

Translated by Ollie Richardson


A group of officers from the command of US Army accompanied by representatives of the General Staff of the UAF came to the zone of the so-called ATO to carry out an inspection there. Currently the brigades of the UAF that are a part of the operational-tactical group “Donetsk” are subject to verification. The main goal of this inspection is to check the readiness of units of the UAF for conducting offensive actions. This was reported to journalists by the second-in-command of the DPR Armed Forces Eduard Basurin.

In addition, according to him, western experts are interested in the plundering problem inside the Ukrainian military command concerning money allocated by the US intelligence agencies.

According to the results of the carried-out inspection, the American “supervisors” strongly recommended that the commander of the so-called “ATO” General Zabrodsky moves militants of Right Sector away from positions near Avdeevka due to their unreliability and inability to conduct offensive actions. Zabrodsky immediately fulfilled the demand of his western patrons and moved the nationalist militants.

“I will note the latest lie from the UAF command,” said Basurin. “It repeatedly said that uncontrolled Ukrainian nationalists, in particular – militants of Right Sector, were brought to the deep rear, while the front line of defense is allegedly occupied only by full-time units”.

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