Basurin’s Appeal to the Mothers of UAF Soldiers Caught in the Gladosovo Cauldron

Translated by Ollie Richardson


“Yesterday the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko arrived in the settlement Metalist (Travnevoye). According to our intelligence, Muzhenko personally evaluated the moral-psychological condition of the military personnel of the 54th brigade who are in the two occupied settlements.

According to the evaluation of the General Staff, the fighting spirit of the military personnel is at an extremely low level. We believe that this is connected to the large losses incurred while holding tactically unprofitable positions, as well as a lack of understanding of the expediency of the occupation of the settlements, which is defective for their image.

It follows from the analysis of General Staff of the UAF that the presence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces creates problems not only for civilians of the occupied settlements, but also the military personnel of the Ukrainian army. This is due to the remoteness of the settlements from their nearest positions, the lack of passable roads, the impossibility of creating fortified constructions (according to the Minsk Agreements — a ‘buffer zone’), as well as the location in the valley in relation to the positions of the Armed Forces of the DPR.

In fact, the military personnel of the 54th brigade is blocked in the settlements. There will be no timely reinforcements for them. As experience shows, they have no opportunity to quickly evacuate the wounded. In this regard, the number of irrevocable losses increases. Just for the last five days the enemy lost two servicemen. The wounded were not brought to the medical institution in time.

Besides this, the 54th brigade runs up fighting losses: they open fire at civilians of the settlements Golmovsky and Zaitsevo, which forces the Armed Forces of the DPR to respond by using non-forbidden types of arms to neutralise weapon emplacements.

We don’t exclude losses because of the actions of the ‘protective groups’ of the National Guard of Ukraine. According to updated data, on December 8th units of the enemy near Shorlovkaya lost two servicemen of the 24th ‘Aidar’ battalion, and one was wounded from the 25th ‘Kievan Rus’ battalion.

We don’t even want to calculate the total number of losses of the enemy since November 22nd in the settlements occupied by the UAF, because it is a very horrible figure. Let them by counted by Ukrainian volunteers and also by the families of the UAF military personnel who were left without breadwinners. We appeal to the mothers of Ukraine: your sons were brought back into a ‘cauldron’, this time – the one in Gladosovo. Those who perished can’t be revived, but those who are still in the ‘cauldron’ can be saved. Don’t stand aside, condemn the criminal acts of the Ukrainian command! Save the lives of your sons!” said Eduard Basurin.

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