Battle for Aleppo: “Al-Quds” Brigade Stages Offensive South of the Owaija Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the North-East of Aleppo the Palestinian volunteer brigade “Liwa al-Quds” managed to achieve another significant tactical victory. In the past three days, the brigade fought in heavy positional battles with militants of “Jaish Fateh al-Sham” and “Nour al-Din al-Zenki”. Having developed a successful flank attack of the quarter adjacent to the school, located on the southern outskirts of the village of Tal Owaija, Palestinian volunteers reached the Northern suburb of the Inzarat quarter.

The offensive was supported by a consolidated battalion of the Republican Guard with multiple armored vehicles, which quickly repelled the radicals from positions between the aforementioned quarter and the area al-Manasher. The correspondents of the Federal News Agency spent six hours on the front line together with the Palestinian volunteers, and witnessed the final stage of the battle for the Northern suburb of Inzarat.


Contrary to expectations, the resistance of the terrorists was on point. The periodic (and unfortunately, quite accurate) fire of snipers was interspersed with the occasional barrage of mortar fire, not causing, however, any harm to personnel or equipment of the Palestinians. Early in the morning several assault groups made it to the enemy positions in the residential sector from both flanks. They managed without a fight to gain a foothold in five buildings on the Northern suburb of the quarter.


The terrorists, trying to force the fighters of “Liwa al-Quds” into making errors, didn’t open fire on the assault groups from 9am. Unfortunately, they succeeded for a short period to force the fighters into make errors, and the Palestinians, who lost their bearings, attempted to move into the quarter, and at 9.45 already lost two men killed due to sniper fire on the left flank. Immediately after the enemy reminded them of their existence, all available equipment was engaged.


In parallel with heavy machine gun fire, the terrorists opened fire from small arms, MLRS, two LMG’s and two Automatic Grenade Launchers. The density of sniper and mortar fire of the Islamists at first increased, but after 40 minutes of battle subsided, and after 1.5 hours became irregular single shots from a sniper rifle.


According to the estimates of most officers of the brigade, the adversary’s behaviour is dictated by a pre-planned retreat to the South — deep into the Haydariyeh quarters.


Trying to “save face”, the terrorists decided to demonstrate some defense capabilities, however, on this front their fighting pride lasts, typically, for 60-90 minutes during inconclusive combat. Nevertheless, one should not ignore the undoubted organization of the group “Jaish Fateh al-Sham”. Their retreat is almost never chaotic. The enemy moves to pre-prepared positions and opens fire with mortars and artillery on the advancing units of government troops.


The successful offensive of the Palestinian brigade, in turn, is an undoubted merit of the officers that maintained a high combat capability and morale of ordinary soldiers. The team around the clock has been on the front line, and for four days continues the albeit slow, but successful offensive on the Northern suburbs of the Eastern quarters without the support of the Russian or Syrian air force, which temporarily stopped attacks on the positions of Islamists in connection with the requirements of the humanitarian pause.

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