Battles for the Seversk-Artemovsk Highway: Ukraine’s Army Ended Up in an Improvised “Meat Grinder”

NEW – August 3, 2022

The Russian armed forces, as part of the special operation, continue to attack the UAF’s positions located in the area of the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration.

Allied forces have achieved significant success in destroying the positions of Ukrainian militants along the Seversk-Artemovsk highway, which suggests that a new cauldron for the Ukrainian army will soon be formed. This conclusion can be reached by analysing the statement of the LPR ambassador in Russia Rodion Miroshnik. During a live broadcast of Sputnik radio, he spoke in detail about the progress of the offensive in the region, and also explained why the UAF found itself in an improvised “meat grinder”.

Rodion Miroshnik first of all drew attention to the fact that the Armed Forces of Russia and the units of the People’s Militia of the DPR are advancing on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, preparing to liberate several important settlements at once. At the moment, there are heavy battles for the Seversk-Artemovsk highway, which allows us to talk about the imminent liberation of the entire territory of Donbass.

The representative of the LPR noted that in the area of the Seversk-Artemovsk highway, the UAF landed in an improvised “meat grinder”. Russian gunners quickly and effectively destroy military equipment and positions of the Ukrainian army, but Kiev is trying to eliminate gaps in defence by sending reinforcements. Such a strategy of the Ukrainian militants is doomed to failure, since they will not be able to gain a foothold in the open area.

“There is, frankly speaking, grinding, the destruction of Ukrainian equipment. That is, there is now a process of exsanguination of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from a technical point of view… This is such an improvised meat grinder, into which the Ukrainian forces continue to arrive,” the representative of the LPR noted.

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Rodion Miroshnik expressed confidence that the UAF will sooner or later be forced to retreat, putting their positions in Seversk and Artemovsk at risk. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in turn, will launch a rapid offensive and liberate the remaining territory of Donbass.

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