Be Afraid of Russian Fatigue

The intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia brutally tortured, killed and dismembered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The European Union held an emergency meeting, and sanctions were imposed against the criminal tyrannical regime of the Saudis.

Ah, no, they didn’t do this. It seemed like they did…

Israel’s security services brazenly killed a leading Iranian nuclear physicist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The European Union held an emergency meeting, and sanctions were imposed against the criminal dictatorial regime of Netanyahu.

Ah, no, they didn’t do this. It seemed like they did…

Unemployed beggar Aleksey Navalny spoke to the EU Parliament and described how he was killed.

European Citizens!

Why is the life of a battered duck lover (alive, by the way) more important than the lives of residents of Donbass (factually killed by the UAF)? Oh, why are you so silent?

Can you stop pretending that you care about some mythical “democracy”, “human rights” or human lives in general?

You’re kissing the mouth of the most reactionary and criminal regimes in the world!

The Saudi regime is not only a real unlimited despotism in the classical political sense, but also a war criminal responsible for the mass destruction of the civilian population of Yemen.

The Kiev regime is openly Nazi – starting with praising of the recognised Nazi collaborators, continuing with Nazi torchlight processions through the streets of Ukrainian cities and ending with voting against anti-Nazi UN resolutions. And its support is already hitting back at Europe, in particular by bringing Nazi extremists who fought in the Azov regiment back to Britain and other countries – where they also commit extremist acts.

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But it’s not against these and other dictatorial regimes that the EU impose sanctions and commit other hostile actions, but against a democratic Russia.

Can you tell the truth at least once?

That you, who live, as Karl Gustav Jung said, on a small peninsula on the outskirts of the vast Asian continent, in the most resource-poor and overpopulated part of it, simply envy the Russian space and natural resources. And you dream (for a long time, since 1147 at least) to capture this space for yourself.

And that no democracy, freedom of speech or gay rights are important to you, but only Lebensraum und Ressourcen. You can still sieg heil, you are no stranger to it.

Well enough to pose as humanitarians! It doesn’t work for you. “I’m not falling for it”, as Stanislavsky said.

Half of Africa and the Middle East is covered in blood, including with the participation of European armies – German, French, Italian, English, and so on.

Not sometime in the past, but right now.

When the fangs of Europeans are dripping with blood, and they look like Pennywise the clown (only in a Hugo Boss suit, if you know what I mean), it’s hard to believe in a certain European humanism at all.

And I wonder separately, this fool who was appointed Minister of Defence of Germany (How?! Why?!), and who says that “we should talk to Russia from a position of strength”, she did not learn history at all?

Let her count how many times Europe has tried to do this since 1147. And how many times it ended with the capture of Paris, Berlin, the defeat at Poltava, the Italian campaign of Suvorov, or similar. She will be unpleasantly surprised.

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And yet, also I wonder, why did she decide that this is their position of strength? The overwhelming military superiority that Russia now has over Europe has never been seen in history. And what will she say about the position of power if Berlin and Brussels turn into piles of radioactive ash in half an hour?

We are quite capable of adding two and two together. And we see how syphilised Europe supports the Nazi regimes and pretends not to notice the deaths of Russians in Donbass. This means only one thing: the real, not declared, ideology of the European Union is Nazism again. “I don’t feel sorry for inferior Russian barbarians”.

But we will no longer allow concentration camps to be built for our elderly, women and children. That’s enough.

The hypocrisy of the European Nazis has already thoroughly made us sick and tired. If you once again show your learning disabilities on the example of past defeats, then the Emperor can after all arrange an Exterminatus.

Be afraid of Russian fatigue…

Aleksandr Rodgers

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