“They Behave Just Like Fascists”: The Ukrainian Armed Forces Stage Terror in the Donetsk Grey Zone

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Armed Forces of Ukraine on November 21st entered the settlements of Gladosovo and Travnevoye, which are in the neutral zone near Gorlovka. Under the Minsk Agreement these settlements should be de-militarised, but Kiev took the decision to occupy the so-called “grey zone”. Correspondents of the Federal News Agency visited the contact line and clarified how the situation on this sector of the frontline is.

When approaching the positions of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic near the settlement of Dolomitnoye (the Bakhmutsky district of the DPR), it is possible to hear how machine guns work. The serviceman with the call sign “Zhelezny” told the FAN about the continuous provocations of the Ukrainian military.

“The fighting is now around-the-clock. It begins in the morning and finishes the following morning. They use mortars, automatic grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and large-caliber machine guns,” he said.

At the same time locals do not pay attention to the events any more, they continue to go about their own business. They got used to it. “Zhelezny”, together with other militiamen, brought the correspondents of the FAN to the first line of the buffer zone.

“In Gladosovo and Travnevoye the UAF behaves in the same way that Hitler’s occupying fascists did — they choose supervisors who are responsible for certain areas of the settlement. They let people out of Dolomitnoye in threes. They are allowed to move, bring their shopping back on bicycles, and return back. Then the next three go. If a group of three doesn’t return, then they say that they won’t allow anybody else to leave,” reported the representative of the DPR.

The same information was confirmed also by a local resident who nevertheless managed to leave Gladosovo. However, the woman refused to tell her story on camera — she is afraid of UAF prosecution and members of nationalist battalions.

“People are in fear there. They are afraid to say something to them. They (the UAF) come and entrench themselves, directly in the kitchen gardens of people’s homes. And nobody can stop them. They enter houses, rummage around the attics, and look for something. Poor people,” complained the inhabitant of Gladosovo.

Fighting did not stop during the entire time that journalists of the Federal News Agency were at DPR positions near Dolomitnoye. Calm only came when the Ukrainian Armed Forces needed to reload their weapons. As it later became known, in the evening of the same day the UAF already stated to use artillery, forbidden by Minsk-2.

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