What Is Behind the Current Protest in Kiev?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Kiev a protest action has been ongoing since October 17th. Ukrainian politicians and experts try to find a definition for what is actually going on in the capital. They speak about the third “Maidan”, and about the fifth one, but can’t in any way come to a consensus about the purposes of the current opposition of the “people with power”. And they won’t come to it in full accordance with an ancient Ukrainian tradition: where there are two Ukrainians – there are three hetmen.

Besides this, it isn’t absolutely clear what point to start counting from. If to take for a starting point the beginning of “independence” (1991), then it is possible to speak about the 25th, or, maybe, the 30th “Maidan” that took place in Kiev. If to speak about how many they were in all Ukrainian cities and rural lands at least from the moment of the coup d’etat of 2014, then the most fierce Ukrainian patriot also won’t say it precisely. In Ukraine protests are constant, all year round, and all this social disorder and political swaying are being presented as national achievements of European “democracy”.

That’s why I think it is necessary to leave alone any “arithmetics” and even logic, and to agree that the current action is simply the latest one – so to speak, ordinary, but the main thing is that it’s far from being the last one among those similar, while “Ukraine still hasn’t died …”. In this sense the reaction of the West is indicative: almost a total absence of interest in the current protests, in difference, for example, with those that were in 2004 and 2014 (Just in Russia, for some reason, there was strong excitation, especially on TV). However the most striking thing is that the Ukrainian media also almost doesn’t notice what is going on in Kiev, including the capital’s press. Moreover, no high-ranking official, or, first of all, the President Petro Poroshenko, the Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Parubiy, and also the secretary of the NSDC Aleksandr Turchynov didn’t give an official assessment of the protests.

What is especially surprising is that this time none of them found in these actions the “hands of Moscow” nor even the smallest “Russian trace”, without which in general nothing happens in Ukraine.

However, Groisman, nevertheless, made a statement, probably under order and on behalf of all the leading four. According to him, it is those who are ready to work hard on reforms who came outside the Verkhovna Rada. Together with them “those who came are the ones who aren’t going to do anything in general. They try under good slogans to cover both their lust and fight for power; they try to destabilize the situation using these slogans and to weaken Ukraine at a time that is extremely difficult for us”.

Something similar was said by P. Poroshenko earlier. During a visit to the Kharkov tractor plant on March 3rd, 2017, he accused protesters with flags of having an inability to work. “Someone very much wants to shake the boat, someone very much wants to march with flags on avenues, crying out ‘Get out of here’. Why? Because they aren’t able to work. They haven’t even built a doghouse in their life, and call to destabilize the country. We won’t allow them to do it, we aren’t on the same road as such people,” said Poroshenko at the time concerning the provincial protests, but seemingly with his crosshair on the similar “events” in the capital. And now he is silent, although actions are unfolding almost beneath the walls of his residence.

Apparently he is a brave guy, even though people who know him affirm the contrary. Whatever it is I think that it is permissible to draw the conclusion that this time nothing threatens the Ukrainian authorities, and the President primarily.

And in reality what or who, as a matter of fact, can threaten them? Mikhail Saakashvili and his quickly-sewn-together party “Movement of New Forces”, activists of “Fatherland” of Yulia Tymoshenko or Lvov’s “Samopomich”, representatives of the nationalist party “Svoboda”, and so on (ten political forces participate in the actions)?

Saakashvili, by the way, stated that protesters intend to put pressure on deputies and the President Poroshenko until their demands are satisfied. And what, in fact, do the “Protestants” hope to achieve?

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Among the main demands of the action – with the loud name “Big Political Reform”: a proportional election system in the Rada according to open (party) lists, the cancellation of parliamentary immunity, and the creation of an anti-corruption court. It is extremely clear that these demands have no relation to the improvement of the lives of the people. Since 2014 these reforms have been nominated to the Kiev authorities by the European Union, the US, and the IMF as the main condition for giving credits to Ukraine, without which its economy is doomed to a total failure, and the country – to a default. But the people’s representatives boycott these demands. Because of the fear of being dismissed by Poroshenko and his godfather Prosecutor-General after the cancellation of their “immunity”, and also to lose their electorate by adopting the decision, which will factually put an end to any democratic processes and will open the way to a dictatorship. Poroshenko in principle agrees with them, because he isn’t sure about a favorable outcome for him under such political reforms, but at the same time passionately desires to cancel the immunity of deputies, which is completely in accordance with his intentions to govern the country autocratically.

And he could govern it to his heart’s content, and to the great joy of Ukrainians, believes the West, but resistance to the instructions of foreign authorities – which Ukraine is under the control of – is perceived as mutiny on the royal (British) ship.

It’s not a secret that Washington and Brussels need to make Poroshenko more compliant and controlled so that he more actively puts more pressure on Russia. It is precisely for this purpose that the Georgian “hedgehog” in the person of M. Saakashvili was slipped under his clothes.

Of course, it is ridiculous to think that Saakashvili can become a competitor of Poroshenko in the fight for the presidential chair. But on the example of Saakashvili with his deprivation of Ukrainian nationality, the illegal crossing of the Ukrainian-Polish border, the propaganda voyage in regions of the country, Poroshenko was demonstratively shown that if it’s needed he can be quickly replaced by any political nonentity, by which they also gave an evident assessment of Poroshenko.

For more persuasiveness Yulia Tymoshenko was planted next to Saakashvili; she had to play the humiliating role of the mistress next to the American jester. Well, whatever sacrifices she is obliged to make for her love for political art! By the way, Tymoshenko doesn’t show herself on the current “Maidan”, while there are rumours that this action is financed by her. And thus she risks nothing: in the event of failure – she is, allegedly, not a part of it, as always – warm and fuzzy, however if the “cards” are dealt in her favour, then there will be respect for her. But irrespective of further events she represents an example of fidelity and readiness to serve the real owners of Ukraine, who she was dependent on at the time of Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych, and also now. And who, as she always trusts, will open for her, at last, the road to the top of the Ukrainian power. And I recall that it was precisely Tymoshenko who called to fence off Donbass with barbed wire and to turn it into a reservation, and even to strike Donbass with an “atomic bomb”….

As one Russian political scientist recently said, a slow transformation of Poroshenko into a new politically-impotent Yanukovych doesn’t suit the external beneficiaries of “Maidan” – they want fire (in Donbass) and active pressure on Russia. To simply sit and wait it out for better times while the street revolts, while early elections are being prepared, and outside the walls of the Rada Saakashvili protests, it is unlikely that it will succeed. And if Poroshenko will be pushed out from power, then it is new people who will take for themselves not only power, but also the last State assets – the land, the remains of the industry, and so on. From what is known the Ukrainian President is allegedly being presented an ultimatum. While in reality, he is once again shown a “yellow card” and fingers are wagged.

So, the British Royal institute of International Relations prepared a report “Fight for Ukraine” where, in particular, it is said that the higher levels of the authorities strongly resist the reforms necessary for the “development of the economic sphere, ensuring real independence of the judicial apparatus, and a considerable decrease in the level of corruption”. It is also noted that Ukraine after all the years of the “revolution of Euromaidan” allegedly faces a double threat: the interference of the Russian Federation in its affairs (well how else to proceed without it?) and an endless internal political struggle.

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According to authors, in Ukraine there is a standoff between “young pro-European forces” – which seek modernization, and “numbed conservatism” – represented by the ruling class and business-elite.

Therefore, the authors draw the conclusion that today Kiev has two main objectives — repelling the “Russian attack” and the completion of “reforming many sectors”, including European integration. But the most important thing is that experts believe that in the Ukrainian problematics the issue of the “trust and unity of western states” is also at stake, which means only one thing: if you oppose our reforms, we won’t give you money. A more horrible threat for the Ukrainian “elite” doesn’t exist.

Oddly this report became known on the eve of the Kiev protests and coincided with the publication of the article “Ukraine: six scenarios of its future international positioning” in the authoritative German newspaper “Focus”“… the biggest challenge for the creation of a stable and united Ukrainian national state, and also the biggest structural obstacle for successful economic development that Kiev faced in recent years is the providing of the safety of the State against the background of numerous measures undertaken by Russia within the framework of the carried-out hybrid war,” it is said in the article. And further: “First of all, Kiev should develop measures to strengthen deterrence and counteraction concerning a possible new military invasion of Moscow on Ukrainian territory”.

This message is directed in a bigger measure across the ocean than towards Ukraine. Although both there and here it can be read in the same way: in the event that “project Ukraine” fails, we will blame Russia for everything. And it is precisely towards such an end that “independent” Ukraine is moving.

Recently in the media an interview with Larisa Skorik – the People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 1st convocation of Ukraine, professor, and the corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine – was published. It is precisely her who on August 24th, 1991, spoke in front of parliamentarians with a short, but very intelligible speech, the sense of which: “stop the talking shop and vote for the Act of independence of Ukraine”.

The entire country watched the broadcast of that fatal meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, and, in my opinion, it is precisely the position of Skorik that became this same wind that disrupted the course of Ukrainian history. “… When we declared Independent Ukraine, I in my most dreadful dream couldn’t imagine what will happen to it,” exclaimed Larisa Skorik. “Only enemies could organize such a sabbath in Kiev,” she said three years ago. And now with regret she states: “The sabbath continues, it has different modifications… And now a half of the country is in internal emigration”. “… It started not in 2014, but much earlier. And was being prepared a very long time ago. I remember very well my conversation with Zbigniew Brzezinski. It was in 1992. We communicated in the embassy — during reception, on the Independence Day of Poland. And at that time he told me such a phrase: ‘Europe won’t withstand more than 17 million Ukrainians’. While the question here was not about those who will leave Ukraine, but in general — about Ukrainians in Ukraine. And already then I perfectly understood: they have such a position — the population of this country must be maximally reduced. In principle, it is possible to say that everything here was controlled from the onset”.

And I will add that it is controlled. Ukraine during 26 years ran in the same circle. On a similar occasion Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Moreover, Ukrainian politicians are dependent on a thirst for money and power, even more than they are dependent on western curators. Oligarchs with passion continue to play “monopoly”, although this game destroys already not only the remnants of the economy, but also they themselves. The economic base is sliced due to political reasons, because it’s not an independent and rich Ukraine that was being created, but the implementation of the western project under the name “anti-Russia”, when all centuries-old connections, including kindred ones, were cut alive.

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Now the West doesn’t want to feed the country, politicians are obliged to complain that Ukrainians eat too much, to introduce paid childbirth, to make all medicine in general a paid service (such a bill was recently adopted by deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to please the western puppeteers), to raise tariffs …. And to send everybody to the west using the “visa-free” regime, where the Ukrainian labour force is needed. The impoverished citizens leave in different directions, like how Galicians in pre-Soviet times left Austro-Hungary, then Poland en masse … The colonial experience of their ancestors became very useful for them now, when Ukraine became “independent” from Russia.

In the modern political field the Ukrainian beau monde made a choice between the role of “fraternal people” and servants of the West. It chose the second, more safe for itself option: the fewer people there are, the less the probability of a social explosion.

In addition, today the nazis raised by the “national and conscious” authorities enters into a rage more and more. The country promptly turns into a territory where “Ukrops” live, and where intelligent, educated citizens don’t control any processes any more. That’s why they don’t even try to answer the question “What to do?”. And, in general, whatever you do, it will become fake anyway, because completely different things under the leadership of completely different people must be done. But it’s impossible to change anything with the current concentration of power in the same hands. The chances of continuing to fall into total poverty are higher, and then there is a sense to enact Nazism and launch war in the east of the country in order to drag into it at least Europe. which is very profitable for America. That’s why there is one more version of the reasons for what is going on now in Kiev.

There is reason to believe that not only Saakashvili and Tymoshenko are in a conspiracy (forced), but Poroshenko is also with them. They are a threesome, of course, not without the knowledge of their transatlantic “curators”. It is precisely in such a sheaf that they are able to imitate any protest movement, being almost a collective Father Gapon. For Poroshenko now the situation develops very adversely; social shocks are possible, because for the Ukrainian proletarians – which most of the population became! – there is nothing to lose anymore. The current Kiev protest action is designed precisely to bring down the heat of protest moods, which can be controlled by Poroshenko himself, watching the events from the windows of his office. And all his public scandals with Saakashvili, and Tymoshenko in tow – are nothing more than dust blown into the eyes of gullible Ukrainians.

As is said, don’t swap horses while crossing the river, and American “cowboys” very much like to play the long game. This is their favourite hobby during the exploration of new colonial possessions. They compute different options, and, by all accounts, at present any changes at the top of the Ukrainian power is very unprofitable for them, because it’s possible to lose not only all accomplishments of the previous administration, but also the investments made in this project. And America doesn’t forgive anyone for such a complex failure… Trump is already on the verge of impeachment even without this.

Generally, whatever one may do, it is necessary to recognize that all protests in the fake State are also one continuous fake…

The present protest action, despite its militarized character thanks to the participation of representatives of so-called voluntary battalions, is small and unconvincing. Poroshenko, unlike Yanukovych, relies on law enforcement bodies and many politicians. However, even such an organized protest should be regarded as a warning bell, because events can be steered in any direction. However, this is an internal American-Ukrainian affair. But the more “Maidans” there will be, including fake ones, the quicker Ukraine will collapse into heterogeneous – in the cultural-historical plane – and even antagonist parts. Let’s not worry about this and prevent our former (?) brothers from exercising self-determination in this difficult affair, and, maybe, the damaged brotherhood will return …

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