Behind-The-Scenes Puppeteers of the Ukrainian Conflict

New – April 12, 2022

The fact that a war is being waged against Russia, moreover, large-scale, hybrid and on several “fronts” at once, despite the formal presence of only one purely military front, is probably known to everyone. But the forces behind the escalation of the situation and the unleashing of the conflict are often hidden from the eyes of the layman, and not even as persons, but as structures interested in escalation. And there are actually three of them. More precisely, “three and a half”. At the same time, their interests are radically different, but they are so closely intertwined and interdependent that they resemble a snake biting its tail.

They don’t quite get along with each other. And there is only one thing that unites them: they are not able to live without each other. So let’s take a look at what these groups are, in fact, and what they want.

The first is the Western military-industrial complex. Mostly American, but Britain and France should not be discounted. Their interest is obvious: more war means more arms sales. However, for the latter, two things are needed: loans (support for one’s lobby) and the creation of the necessary images in the media. Hence two more forces: speculative financiers, and media moguls.

What the latter need is clear: not to give up power and money, without which they cannot imagine themselves, and the second goal is to survive, because they have played so much and brought the world to such a dead end that there is no way out of it through the usual paradigm. In this connection, the slogan of prisons of all times and nations is probably applicable to these groups and their thinking: “Die today so that I meet tomorrow.”

And there is also that “half” that does not play an independent role, but serves as a “cement” for the three main actors. Its name is “the old European aristocracy”. Despite the significant loss of direct influence, it retained a huge indirect influence, becoming a kind of phenomenon that combines an interest club, a discussion platform, a “nursery” for choosing grooms and brides, and a fairly significant potential of the personnel reserve for everyone else. There is no need to smile here. Revolutions and upheavals did not destroy the European “aristos”, but rather scattered them all over the planet and helped to form the picture of the world that this stratum now lives, setting, willy-nilly, a value-political guideline for the rest of the Western players through entry into the upper world and family unions. Arranged marriages have been practiced for a long time. Since the middle of the 19th century, reaching a peak and holding on to it in the 1950s. Only the marriage of the Duke of Marlborough Randolph Churchill, with the daughter of the American super-rich Jennie Jerome, from whom Sir Winston Churchill was born, gives an idea of the role that these unions of “money and breed” play.

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Currently, since about the 1960s, the old aristocracy of German, French and part of English with Italian spillage, has become very detached from their native countries, becoming offshore, storing money not on the land of their ancestors and living on income from rent. Moreover, it has, within its own paradigm of thinking, persistent beliefs about how to preserve it, and is based on fears, beliefs, values, lifestyle, upbringing and experience of previous generations.

We will talk about what kind of paradigm this is, and how it is related to what is happening in Europe now (we are not touching the US yet).

Although it is not advertised, but all interested persons know: the descendants of the old European families (namely purely European – Russians, Serbs, and other Hungarians with Poles were not allowed to enter there) live, for the most part, not in Europe itself. No. They mostly live on islands. Private islands lost in the ocean expanses. “And where do they get money,” many will ask? Probably in industry? But here it is not! The industrial aristocracy of the EU is now very weak. And, moreover, it is literally “crushed” by the green agenda of the politicians obsessed with environmentalism. And the majority of the nobility, earns on… real estate! Yes, they are the ones who own a huge residential and office fund in Europe, are the owners of land and are absolutely sure: whoever settled in Europe will be paid rent from real estate! Stupid, you say? After all, if the same Muslims fill everything there, to whom and what will they pay out? Don’t they have anything to do? They will take it by force. And all for a short time. Don’t the descendants of the old elites realise that?

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Hmm… some are aware. But these “some” do not have the necessary influence. As for the rest… Here it is necessary to delve into the history and understand the reasons for the appearance of this way of thinking. Look, they have owned land and houses from time immemorial. The end of the 18th century has passed, with its hurricane of the French Revolution and the reign of Bonaparte. The Republicans disappeared, Napoleon was defeated and planted on the island of St. Helena. The aristocracy returned and took their own. The unification of Germany by Chancellor Bismarck and King Wilhelm II of Prussia – again chaotic property losses. The aristocracy, in the end, returns to the past. The First and Second World Wars. Complete devastation, and a natural tornado of the social plan. Great politicians like Stalin, Hitler (a scoundrel, but it’s stupid to deny his scale), Mussolini, Roosevelt, Churchill… People who have redrawn the map of the Earth, and it would seem that they have become a symbol of the end of the era of backstage ownership… Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini put their nobility at attention and forced them to work hard for the good of the country. As we can see, it was quite perverse, but they forced it! And if the possessed corporal somehow found a compromise, then the Duce very harshly cut the former “masters of life”, who are the true bosses of the famous Cosa Nostra, where street “bulls” and all sorts of “godfathers” with “mums” are nothing more than a screen, and run everything in the mansions of the Orsini family, Colonna, Malatesta, Piccolomini, and others.

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The nobility of the EU withstood this too! Having triumphantly returned with the Western allies, they helped those with the Marshall Plan and linking the defeated economies to the dollar. In return, they received the previous assets. For Churchill and his group, these people were generally their own, and in the United States, the nobility had powerful levers of influence on Congress, the Senate and Presidents. And if F. D. Roosevelt and his team (Biddle, Harriman, Hoover, Hull, Stettinius and others), they could not “bend” directly, then their successors – quite! Even their relations with the defeated Nazis and the Vatican were so close that the shadow nobility fully ensured the evacuation of former SS men to South America, or directly under the wing of the CIA, if there was something to offer in terms of fighting the USSR.…

So why should they change their worldview? The history THEY know has proved that investments in land, houses, and politicians are the most reliable and the most stable. If not in terms of retention, then in terms of return – for sure. And to see something different, to take into account the differences of situations… God, why??? The sheriff doesn’t care about the Indians’ problems!

The only thing that worries is that no new Hitler, Bonaparte and Mussolini appear on the political horizon of the EU. Because these parasites are far from sure of the outcome of a new round of the fight against centrists! But so far they are coping with their tasks! Look at the current political European “little moth”…No subjectivity. Only cowardice, submission and predictability … the lesson is learned, mistakes are taken into account…

Roman Alekhin

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