Belarus: NATO, Anti-Maidan, and the Rehabilitation of Nazism

NATO calls on Minsk to respect the right of people to peacefully protest and monitors the situation in Belarus.

NATO is a military-political bloc that unites most of the countries of Europe, the United States, and Canada. Founded on April 4th 1949 in the United States to protect Europe from Soviet influence. One of the stated goals of NATO is to ensure that any form of aggression against the territory of any NATO member state is deterred or protected from. Now explain to me why in general NATO “calls on” Minsk to do something and monitors the situation in Belarus? Does a threat of aggression towards NATO members come from there? Or is Soviet influence “growing”?

Photo #1 shows an opposition rally in Minsk. RT correspondent says the number of people gathered is 100,000. At the same time on August 16th in Minsk a local analogue of the “anti-maidan” also gathered (photo #2, one can see that it’s thinner), and according to the Interior Ministry there were 65,000 people. Lukashenko spoke, said beautiful and correct words, but it is a pity that they were heard so late.

There is a feeling that Lukashenko has lost the country. For so long and consistently, he opposed integration with Russia and hindered it, and this is in fact the only way for Belarus to survive. The alternative – a wild field like Ukraine, the plunder of enterprises, the shutdown of nuclear power plants. And of course – the rehabilitation of Nazism. Even the protester’s anthem “Magutny Bozh” was written in 1943 by Nataliya Arsenyeva, a Russian emigre and the wife of the famous Polish officer Francišak Kušal, the chief commissioner of the Nazis for the auxiliary police of Belarus. Arsenyeva herself actively collaborated with the Nazi publication “Belorusskaya Gazeta”.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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