Berkut – Betrayed and Sold by Ukraine

On December 29th, during the “all for all” exchange of prisoners of war, Kiev handed over to Donetsk five employees of the “Berkut” unit accused of shooting people on Maidan in 2014.

I’ll try to break down the surrealism of what happened in points.

1) In February 2014, police officers of the “Berkut” special unit stood under a hail of Molotov cocktails and stones, holding back a crazy crowd of Maidan militants. They carried out the Order of the leadership of their country, which gave the Oath.

2) After changing the leadership of the country by the method of state coup, they, the police, were accused of a terrible crime — shooting “peaceful demonstrators” en masse and put in detention for 6 (SIX!) years.

3) For six years there was an investigation, the police officers sat in jail… The investigation did not find the slightest evidence. Why am I sure about that? Because if it had found or at least managed to fabricate something even a little bit plausible, there would have been a trial and a sentence long ago. For SIX YEARS, hundreds of investigators and prosecutors dug the ground to put these guys on trial. They didn’t dig up ANYTHING…

4) And now the surreal: these guys, citizens of Ukraine, who honestly fulfilled the Oath of this country, were handed over in an exchange as prisoners of war in the region that Ukraine considers to be “occupied by terrorists and Russian mercenaries” — including the LDPR.

5) Once again: Ukraine handed over ITS OWN policemen, CITIZENS of its country, Ukraine, to “terrorists” in an exchange as PRISONERS OF WAR. At the same time, the “Berkut” police officers have no relation to the LDPR and could not have. At the time of the arrest of the “Berkut” employees, the LDPR did not yet exist in nature! So, according to this logic, Ukraine can use its citizens as “exchange material” in trade with Somali pirates, or even with Al Qaeda? Right?

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Now from the point of view of the “Berkut” police officers: the country to that you served faithfully and honestly, fulfilling the Oath, illegally arrested you, made you sweat it out without trial for 6 years while in prison and kicked you out, then got rid of you… You can never go back to this country.

And they still have families, grandparents, housing…

Well, there was still hope that the trial of the “shooting on Maidan” will someday take place, and that the verdict will be an acquitted. Then there will be restoration of rank and seniority. And by law, salary compensation for years spent in prison. But now, it’s finished. They’re outcasts forever.

They’ve been betrayed and sold by their Motherland.

Yury Georgiyevich Alekseyev

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