Berlin & Paris Demand Assad Ensures Release Of the “White Helmets” in Aleppo

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Damascus must provide an exit out of Eastern Aleppo for civilians, including members of the organization “White Helmets”, who position themselves as a human rights activists, declared the Foreign Ministers of Germany and France Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Jean-Marc Ayrault.

“We call on the regime and its supporters to ensure the safe evacuation of those members of the “White Helmets”, who wish to leave. Civilians should have the possibility to freely and safely leave the war zone,” it is said in the document.

The Ministers emphasized that international humanitarian law designates “strict legal obligations to protect civilians during the conflict”. They also expressed concern about reports of arrests, torture, and the killing of civilians in Eastern Aleppo, reports TASS.

The organization “White Helmets” calls itself a human rights group and works mainly in territories controlled by Syrian rebels. It is accused of creating fake and staged videos about what is happening in Syria, reports RT.

However, the organization acknowledged that its employees participated in staged videos, but said that they acted on their own initiative.

The head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini said on behalf of the EU: “the EU demands from all parties to the conflict, especially the Syrian regime, to immediately provide unhindered and unconditional access so it is possible to carry out a medical evacuation of the sick and wounded from East Aleppo, in accordance with the plan of the UN, and so that the civilian population can find refuge in a safe place,” reports RIA Novosti.

She also “urged Russia via the corresponding policies and actions to make every effort to use its influence (on the regime) to contribute to this.”

“The EU calls for an immediate and full cease-fire across Syria,” it is said in the statement.

The UN General Assembly called for an end to the military operations in Syria and the siege of Aleppo, and the corresponding resolution that was not supported by Russia, was adopted at an extraordinary meeting on the situation in the Middle Eastern country on Friday.

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The day prior, Russia’s permanent representative at the world organization Vitaly Churkin, following the results of the meeting, which was attended by UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura, said that all members of the UN Security Council in a closed session on Thursday in their speeches recognised the fact that Aleppo will soon be back under the control of the Syrian authorities.

The end is nigh for the western-curated NGO web in Syria. The numerous branches of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” have dissolved or fled with the Jihadists, and now in-fighting is rife throughout the ranks of Obama’s militants. In East Aleppo, the Jihadists had enough supplies and weaponry to hold out for another year, but alas Russia, who is no longer pushed for time after Trump’s election win, decided it was the right moment to secure the remaining areas of Aleppo once and for all.

After being liberated by the Syrian Army, it was revealed that the schools, hospitals, and civilian houses in East Aleppo were being used as military barracks by the very people the White Helmets aid and abet. Also shocking is the total number of evacuated persons from East Aleppo – 50,000, which is some way off the false figure being quoted in western media – 250,000 residents! 

As the wheels start to come off the Made-in-USA kart, it is expected that the past 5 years of war in Syria will simply be swept under the carpet by western media and their ally think tanks in the Gulf. Just to be awkward, Obama decided to lift the ban on arms deliveries to his “moderate” comrades. I.e. a fresh supply of MANPADS will now find their way into the hands of Al-Julani’s men. But with nothing left to fight for, it is probably better for them to take up Assad’s amnesty offer and to live a peaceful life or to return to an insurgency somewhere on the border, instead of being eviscerated by the cannon of a Ka-52. Checkmate.

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