Bernard-Henri Lévy Attacked in Belgrade for Supporting the Bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The philosopher, who was visiting the Serbian capital to introduce his film there, was the target of a cream pie thrown by a communist activist, denouncing his support for the NATO campaign of bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999.

On May 10th, Bernard-Henry Lévy (BHL) was pied in Belgrade, where he expressed himself about his latest film, “Peshmerga”. “Murderer, get out of Belgrade!”, shouted the communist activists towards him, according to the Serbian news agency Tanjug.

Having been hit for an umpteenth by a cream pie, the philosopher in the opened shirt continued his account, unperturbed.

The images of the stage were broadcasted by Radio-television of Serbia.

Tanjug reports that the authors of this pastry attack are activists of the Serbian communist small group, called SKOJ. The activists reproached BHL for his positions at the time of the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1990’s.

The philosopher at that time advocated, then insisted on the NATO campaign of bombings of Serbian targets, which resulted in several hundred people killed during the Kosovo war in 1999.

One banner with the inscription written in English “Bernard-Henry Lévy advocates imperialist murders” was displayed by an activist, who was then evacuated out of the room by the security service.

“Viva democracy in Belgrade”, spouted the writer and film director, hitting one of the activists with his jacket.

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The umpteenth incident

It is not the first time that Bernard-Henry Lévy was pied. In 2015, during his visit in Namur in Belgium, he was a victim of the local “pie thrower” Noël Godin.

The first pieing of the philosopher goes back up to 1985, when he was the target of the same Noël Godin. In a sequence that become famous, he is seen getting worked up against by the latter, having received a pastry in his face.

Near a dozen other such incidents were since repeated.

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