Betrayal on Ukrainian TV: Crimea Wasn’t “Annexed”, There Are No Russian Troops in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Patriots writhe in hysterics, Gordon is shocked: on the air of one of the most popular TV channels in Ukraine there was a betrayal – the famous Ukrainian composer Vladimir Bystryakov outdid the journalist Dmitri Gordon [pro-Ukraine – ed], answering a question on Crimea and Donbass.

The Ukrainian media continually dances to the tune of the Kiev regime in Kiev and presents the situation both in Donbass and Crimea, as well as in Ukraine only in a light favorable to it. And most of the time Ukrainian journalists simply impudently lie – seldom can the truth be met in Ukraine today. What doesn’t the Ukrainian media do to confuse the brains of Ukrainians and to make them believe in invented “Russian aggression” in Donbass, the “nobility” of so-called Ukrainian cyborgs and also the “annexed” Crimea?! However the truth, although gradually, rises to the surface.

The day before the Soviet and Ukrainian composer, the pianist and the showman Vladimir Bystryakov gave an interview to Dmitri Gordon on TV channel 112 Ukraine, in which he stated that in reality Crimea wasn’t “annexed” by anyone, and the war in Donbass was started by Ukraine.

Moreover, he expressed his position so firmly that Gordon inside of himself for sure regretted a hundred times that he in general invited the composer into the studio.

So, to Gordon’s question about whose is Crimea, he directly said that it is Russian, and at the same time noting that the peninsula became a part of Russia after the lawful holding of a referendum.

“Do you know how Kuchma won the second elections? He covered all of Crimea in leaflets, on which it was written that Russian will be the second State language in Ukraine. There all people are for Russia. They are Russian-speaking and never understood Ukrainization. Crimea was an autonomous republic and the referendum was legally held there. And there wasn’t any gunfire,” said Bystryakov.

And, speaking about what is now going on in Donbass, the composer said that Ukrainian army begun the war, having begun to bomb Donetsk and Lugansk.

“There are no Russian troops in Donbass. It was even repeatedly said by both Tuka and Savchenko,” he noted.

He also added that the Ukrainian authorities simply ruined the country economically, having broken all ties with Russia.

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