What He Betrayed Donbass for Now Departs for Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As for Akhmetov…

The richest person in Ukraine, the main sponsor of the Party of Regions, informal owner of Donbass.

It is precisely him who could have prevented bloody chaos in the Southeast. It would have been enough to stand on the side of its inhabitants. It would have bern enough money and administrative resource for outposts, for the opening of military warehouses, and providing of everything that is necessary.

Also there would be no bloody massacre either in Odessa or in Mariupol, no airstrikes in Lugansk, no infinite genocide in Donetsk.

But him, choosing between war and dishonour, he chose a dishonour.

And as a result for his treachery he received it wholly.

For the sake of what he betrayed Donbass now, directly before our eyes, departs. To the population of Donbass.

Moreover, the most amusing thing is that he is a traitor also for pot heads [brainwashed – ed]. Who didn’t forgive him for attempts to remain sat on two chairs at once. He, as the one who didn’t live up to their hopes and didn’t stop “Russian occupation”, as Kolomoysky did, has been already for a long time listed in “latent separatists” by them.

Of course, the property that he lost today is not the last in Akhmetov’s assets.

However, it is precisely this that is his main child.

I very much hope that he feels pain today. As it was painful for us when in front of our eyes the country was collapsing, and when the people to whom we entrusted our country and our lives, ran to come to an agreement with our enemies.


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May 19th, 2014 – Akhmetov urged workers to protest against the DPR:

“I want to say to everyone: we will not be intimidated, we will not be stopped. By anyone, including those who call them some Donetsk Republic. Who has heard about her?” he asked rhetorically. “Who knows the names of the leaders of the DPR? What did they do for Donbass?”

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