Biden Is Being Thrown to the Wolves, Not Poroshenko

For some reason, it is expected that Poroshenko will be jailed after talks between him and Biden were published. But it is not a blow to Poroshenko – no one needs him, no one is afraid of him, even in Ukraine, and he also will not be jailed (the Americans keep such persons for the future, like in the case of Saakashvili).

The target of this leak is Biden, Trump’s rival in the upcoming US presidential election. It is said that confidence in Donald in recent days has started to drop, as well as people’s support for him, because of the huge mortality rate during the pandemic. This tape could give him another reason to accuse Biden of committing financial fraud in Ukraine using American taxpayer money. This, along with new attacks on China, should seemingly improve Trump’s approval rating.

I want to assume that it is nationalist forces that attack globalists, but it’s unlikely. Zelensky is managed exactly the same way – only now through other curators in Washington (Pompeo) and using Kolomoisky‘s capital. Dirty and vile games on the territory of southern Russian land, which has turned into a garbage dump.

By the way, the talks should be listened to completely – it is simply the anthem of the self-humiliation in front of the “white master”. You can imagine the scornful-tired face of Biden, forced to get into the details of this monkey business of “non-brothers” [brainwashed Ukrainians consider themselves to be unrelated to Russians – ed], while billions from the pockets of Euro-Ukrainians are transferred to his accounts.

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Russkiy Malchik

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