Biden Threatens Putin and Demands Money to Save America

Former Vice President and US presidential candidate for the 2020 election Joe Biden delivered an emergency video address saying “Putin’s days of tyranny are over”. The content of this sparkling appeal to the American people and the Russian leader:

It may seem that the traditions of anti-Russian political discourse require the addition of the traditional formula “and here is my electronic wallet” to this video title. And that’s the right intuitive hunch, because at the end of the video there’s a call to donate at least a few dollars to Biden’s own electoral campaign. The call to donate money appeals to the emotions of American patriots: “Send a signal to Putin, throw five dollars each”. It should be noted that there are more effective and cost-effective ways to send a message to the Russian president: several postage stamps cost exactly less than five dollars, and it is not necessary to use the former Vice President of the United States as a postman. But the point, of course, is not the “message to Putin,” but that the American political class did decide to turn the 2020 election into a geopolitical referendum: an attempt is being made to convince US citizens that they have a choice between Biden and Putin. It is not difficult even to guess what could have been an inspiration, because those who watched the elections in Ukraine remember the bright slogan “Either Poroshenko or Putin” with which the electoral campaign of the-then incumbent President of Ukraine turned out to be a failure.

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It is indicative that it was decided to turn the 2016 American election into an anti-Russian farce after the announcement of the results, and the transformation of the 2020 election into an anti-Russian farce began already at the early stages of the electoral campaign. So the intensity of anti-Russian hysteria will only grow further. Election politics lives by the laws of show business, which means that the show must continue under any circumstances and the finale must be the brightest part of the performance.

The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, personally acted as Joe Biden’s backup dancer.

It is probably his revelations that Biden calls the very “news” that should encourage voters to chip in with five dollars each to fight Putin. USA Today writes:

“Facebook has shut down attempts from Russia and Iran to interfere in the 2020 elections, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview aired Monday night on NBC. <…> Facebook announced it removed four networks of accounts, pages and groups for ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior’ earlier Monday. Three came from Iran and one from Russia, the company said in a blog post. The networks on both Facebook and Instagram allegedly misrepresented themselves and their actions, targeting the United States, North Africa and Latin America. ‘That we’ve been able to proactively identify them and take them down is somewhat of a signal that our systems are much more advanced now than they have been in the past,’ Zuckerberg said on NBC.”

An important clarification of this story came from CNN: “Although the accounts posed as Americans from all sides of the political spectrum, many were united in their opposition to the candidacy of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to Graphika, a social media investigations company that Facebook asked to analyze the accounts”.

Let’s start with the fact that if every Russian received at least $10 for every American, Latvian, Estonian, and especially Ukrainian account on Russian social networks, which (sometimes in broken Russian) throws mud at Russians and Vladimir Putin, we would all become millionaires. Secondly, as always, we will not see evidence that these were really the results of a public or even private Russian operation. But it is funny to observe the peculiarities of Facebook statistics: according to Facebook researchers, it turns out that Iran influences US elections three times more actively than Russia. But Biden will not mention this, because if we talk about Iranian interference, Biden voters will immediately recall the “Iranian nuclear deal” under which he was Vice President, as well as Donald Trump’s tough anti-Iranian policy, which he is criticised for by Democratic politicians.

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However, without Iran, Biden’s Twitter reaction was, to put it mildly, not enthusiastic.

The most popular comments in response to the Biden appeal ask to “stop it”. A desperate Democratic supporter writes, addressing Biden: “Would you please stop the ‘Red scare’ fear-mongering, and drop out of this race before we end up with another 4 years of trump!??”

One cannot help but note another popular assessment of Biden’s efforts to capitalise on fighting Putin and Russians: “If Putin’s work is to undermine confidence in our government, you are doing his work far better than he himself could do. You are explicitly saying that unless you get the result you want, the election is illegitimate. That’s a dangerous game to play.”

… This destructive game is actually called “Ukrainian”, but American voters have yet to learn the term. Although raising the level of anti-Russian hysteria in the US is not an unpleasant phenomenon, we should not be upset. Right now, the warring factions of the American elite are destroying the very base of the United States political system and state structure – i.e., on the way to becoming a large banana republic. And it probably isn’t worth trying to interfere with this process. They chose their own path.

Ivan Danilov

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