Biletsky Posted a Video of the Ceremonial Opening of the “Azovets” Children’s Camp

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the official YouTube channel of the neo-Nazi party “National Corpus” a video was posted of the ceremonial opening of the first summer session of this year in the children’s Azovets camp on the shore of the Azov Sea.

In the video it is shown how the chubby instructor in a camouflage army hat gives the command to the small children, assembled in rank and file, dressed in the same yellow t-shirts with symbols of the “Avozets” camp and the “Azov” regiment: “Line up! Attention!”

The children put their hands to their chest, preparing to give the so-called “Roman salute”.

At this time, the Ukrainian flag climbs up the flagpole. In the background a marching song sounds of a nationalist and militaristic nature, inciting hatred and anger towards “enemies of the nation”.

The instructor of the camp notes that every year the camp is replenished with something new. For example, next year promises their own electrical equipment. “Children will learn how to use drones, make programs for them, and then operate them to perform the functions that the children will study”.

If ones glances at the public “Azovets” social network page it can be seen that it is highlighted there that the stay in the camp is free and the emphasis is placed on working with children from needy families from the East of Ukraine.

“Every year we see more and more young patriots in the camp,” says one more employee of the Azovets camp, finishing his speech by wishing the children to “find new sworn brothers” in the camp.

“Glory to Ukraine!” the instructor chants.
“Glory to Heroes!” echo the happy children.

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