Biletsky Staged Propaganda Hysteria After the Death Of “Azov” Militants

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian nationalists organized a show in the village of Urzuf near Mariupol with a monument installation to commemorate perished brothers-in-arms.

On one of the mounds they established three wooden swords, and with shields in their hands they formed a perimeter. Addressing the militants of Azov, its first commander and nowadays a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Biletsky compared the action of nationalists to their Ukrainian predecessors, and promised to revenge the Donetsk separatists.

“It is for the third time that we stand with you near this mound, under these swords. A mound, a military mound, is probably the most ancient of military traditions in Ukraine. Scythians, Rus, Cossacks, Sich Riflemen, fighters of UPA, and now it is us. Why is this tradition important for us? Because it is memory. A memory that gives understanding about what our friends perished for. When they appear in your mind, remember why. What did they perish for, to go forward, what they took a risk for. When everyone remembers, they will become ashamed that we are not yet in Donetsk, that our land in reality is not ours. When a person becomes ashamed, they answer this by the internal ‘I will be there’. Our land will indeed be Ukrainian, despite the enemy, the authorities, the system, which sneakily hits us from behind, shackles our hands in order to hold us back, and capitulates. We will be there anyway,” said Biletsky.

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