Biletsky’s Nazis Destroyed a Vatutin Monument in Zhytomyr

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Within the framework of so-called decommunisation, a monument to the General and liberator of Kiev Nikolay Vatutin was destroyed in the Zhytomyr region.

Video confirmation of this fact was published on the YouTube channel of the National Corpus party, which was created on the foundations of the neo-Nazi “Azov” division.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first instance of monuments to liberators from fascist aggressors being destroyed in Ukraine. The main military merit of Vatutin was the liberation of a considerable part of Ukraine and its capital by troops of the 1st Ukrainian front, which he commanded. Even at the beginning of war Vatutin and his fighters didn’t allow the enemy come near Leningrad,  and bravely battled near Novgorod and Kalinin. Then, having stopped the fascists near Voronezh, they held up a large group that Hitler wanted to transfer to Stalingrad and the Caucasus.

Thanks to this, the Red Army destroyed the invaders near Stalingrad, pushed them away near Kursk, Belgorod, and liberated a number of such cities as Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev, and Zhytomyr. Vatutin died as a result of being wounded after UPA militants attacked him.

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