“Bird Feeders” for Refugees From Donbass Installed in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the Ukrainian capital, special containers for refugees from the East of the country, reminiscent of a bird feeder, were installed at tram stops. “Socially active” citizens can leave food or necessary things in them for people who have left the territory of Donbass, writes the website “Kiev City”.

According to the information of the website, “the purpose of the project is to contribute to the breaking down of barriers in Ukrainian society caused by the conflict in the East, as well as to create a positive, non-discriminatory attitude in the general public towards representatives of crisis groups.”

The action caused a mixed reaction from the public. Many users believe that such an initiative seems humiliating, and the food left in the “bird feeders for refugees” will not contribute to “breaking down barriers”, but on the contrary, they will be strengthened.

Thus, a Ukrainian journalist Evgeny Rudenko ironically wrote that “in the feeder it is possible to leave food for those who do not have developed genetics”, referring to the statement by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Evgeny Nishchuk about the genetic differences between the inhabitants of Donbass and Ukrainians.


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