On the Birthday of the Supreme Commander, Comrade Putin!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Today is the birthday of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

In such days it is customary to sum up the interim results, and to list what the person has achieved. And we will not be an exception to this rule.

Over the past 16 years, Russia gradually, almost imperceptibly, to a third-party layman, has been transforming from the status “Yura, forgive us” to “Yura, we have corrected ourselves”.

Moreover, I am sure that this transformation was largely deliberately being done as imperceptibly as possible, because if it had been noticed by our overseas “partners”, they would have started to counteract it much more earlier, when we were still very weak. Because, as is known, it is much more easier to beat the bird when it takes off.

After the alcoholic Yeltsin, with a team of liberal “young reformers”, who purposefully demolishing and stealing Russia, in front of you was the task of resurrection, in the first place, of the economy of the Russian Federation, because there is no strong army without a strong economy.

In what slain and disassembled condition was the Russian army under Yeltsin, we saw it all seen during the First Chechen war. Such Army would not have been able to resist the threats, including hybrid and non-conventional ones, from our “partners”. Everything needed to be changed.

And, all these years later, I have to admit that you succeeded to do it.

Moreover, you succeeded in all directions – as in the economic sphere and in the spheres of security and foreign policy. GDP has grown significantly numerous times, and accordingly the incomes of citizens are not comparable to the horror that was in the 90’s.

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A horrible demographic hole into which Russia fell into under Yeltsin, with great difficulty, was overcome. All around the country, new kindergartens and sports grounds were opened. Moreover, it became so commonplace that almost nobody noticed it (unlike Ukraine, where Poroshenko recently opened a kindergarten after a trivial repair, which there became a rarity).

The army also nearly completely reorganized and rearmed, in accordance with modern requirements and complex challenges. The results we have seen and in the defense of Tskhinvali from the Georgian attack, and with the help of the Crimeans in holding a referendum, we can every day contemplate the success of the Russian airforce in Syria.

And the fact that all of these transformations for many years were carried out, at the same time lulling the vigilance of “partners” (including fictitious “corruption scandals”), only adds weight to these achievements.

And, as a result of the above, Russia again became a subject of international relations. Not an object, like Ukraine or the Baltic States, which are steered from the outside without their own will, and who only fulfill other’s orders, but a subject that is an independent player, conducting a sovereign policy.

Russia has been resurrected. Russia came back.

Yes, I was criticizing Putin’s policies in these years. I did it where it seemed to me that “Putin was not enough Putin.” Sometimes even in unflattering terms.

But today, as a Soviet person, I am satisfied with the result. And if I had such powers, I would award comrade Colonel Putin with the star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

I am glad to serve under your orders, comrade Supreme Commander. Live long!

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