“Black War” in the United States: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Watching American cities burn, it is impossible to get away from the feeling that we are seeing, if anything, a mystical retribution for the US’ actions in other countries.

Of course, the death of a black suspect at the hands of a white police officer is a tragedy, but it takes some absolutely excessive level of naivety to consider the subsequent armed riots a natural reaction to a particular injustice. Everything is simpler: in the United States, before the presidential election itself and against the background of an acute economic crisis, there has been a phenomenon that, by analogy with the “heavenly hundred“, can be called “heavenly African-American”, and this has become the trigger for massive and well-organised riots with the use of violence and firearms.

The old formula, which says there can be no Maidan in Washington because there is no American embassy in Washington, is clearly no longer working. For there are quite enough organisations in the American capital that taught American embassies around the world to set fire to the countries in which they “worked”. Earlier, as we have repeatedly written, the use of “colour revolution technologies” to solve internal political conflicts was absolutely unacceptable within the United States, because representatives of all competing elite groups understood perfectly well that the winner of the “political civil war”, with elements of violence and dehumanisation of ideological opponents, will no longer gain power over the superpower and the world hegemon, but the title “Graf on ruins”.

Now there are no restrictions, and the conflict between the Trump administration and the “deep state” has already acquired a collision configuration, after which only one side will be able to preserve freedom and life, which means that the issues of long-term stability of the country no longer concern anyone against the background of political stakes in this conflict.

The Hill, citing several presidential pool journalists, reported that on May 30th even the White House, in the most literal sense, moved to a state of siege: protesters started to clash with the police cordon surrounding the US president’s residence and even demolished a makeshift fence installed nearby.

Under other circumstances, there would be no “siege”, and protesters would have been sitting in handcuffs and explaining themselves to US intelligence officials long ago, but today’s Washington is more like Kiev in 2013 than the capital of a great empire.

There are already the first victims among the police. The number of wounded is difficult to calculate, but at least the death of one police officer killed in Oakland was confirmed even by CNN, which is sympathetic to the protesters.

The fact that so far the numbers in the confrontation between the police and the rioters is clearly not in favour of the “security forces” suggests that Donald Trump’s threat, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, turned out to be completely empty. Both the police themselves and the National Guard, which is working in the hottest spots like Minneapolis, are clearly constrained by fear – no one then wants their career, money, or freedom to suffer because of violence against “Democratic protesters against racial injustice”.

The imposition of curfews in Minneapolis and Portland only showed the impotence of the local authorities – few comply, and the riots continue. Fox News showed footage filmed in riot areas, and those areas now resemble the sites of real fighting: burned shops, destroyed gas stations, and smashed cars.

“Protesters against racial injustice and police brutality” somehow have no doubts about the process of destroying the jobs, businesses, and infrastructure of compact neighbourhoods of blacks, who say they are victims of racial injustice and the arbitrariness of the authorities whose interests they are actively fighting for.

American journalists working in the very thick of the “protesters” note amazing things. For example, the reporter of The Blaze noticed that someone in advance brought a large number of bricks to the place where the next looting and clashes with the police suddenly began, and for this bricks (convenient for throwing) can be very useful, as well as for smashing windows and cars.

Elijah Schaffer, a journalist for The Blaze who is in Dallas, points to certain details that will seem familiar to any reader who observed what happened in Ukraine, Georgia, or even Moscow: “Tonight’s Dallas riot was pre-planned. Organisers were directing the crowd where to go. They had pallets of 100 bricks ready for rioters. They were yelling to the crowd ‘go left, there are 100 bricks on the corner over there’. This wasn’t random chaos”.

The Hill reports that Hollywood stars contribute money to support protesters by paying thousands of dollars in bail for detainees to be released, thus ensuring the constant presence of the most active and aggressive rioters “on the front lines”.

It may seem that Donald Trump and his entourage are doomed to fall under the pressure of a truly large-scale “American Maidan”, which, although it started killing police officers and burning entire neighbourhoods, has still not formulated clear political demands and has not been able to seize the platform in Washington. But there is also an alternative scenario: the president and his entourage are now giving voters a full sense of what the “social and racial justice” that their political opponents are so actively advocating looks like. If it’s not cowardice but an informed move, it’s a very risky but potentially winning strategy: even voters who personally don’t like Mr. Trump very much can decide that they like Trump’s “America”, which, while unlikely to be “great again”, can at least provide security and order. In a week of mass unrest, looting, and political vandalism, the public request for their strongest possible suppression will already be formalised, but whether it can be satisfied by the president and his team is an open question.

But the most important conclusion that can be drawn by watching America burn is that we may well have just a rehearsal for what will start after the autumn election. Society and elites are obviously divided into two roughly equal and genuinely hating parts, and one of these parts will clearly be very unhappy with the election result, and the temptation to “change” this result in the streets with weapons in hand may prove to be completely irresistible.

Ivan Danilov

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